Comparing Kobe and Jordan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For years now, fans have noted the similarities between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Not just the way they shoot, their moves, etcetera, but all the way down to little things like how they run and celebrate.

That’s really all I need to say. Just watch the following video, which is the last in a series of remarkable videos created by Youtube user Youssef Honnoun, and shows many of MJ’s moves juxtaposed against Kobe’s, and just how similar their games can be…

VIDEO: MJ vs Kobe


  1. H says:

    That’s insane. The similarity is remarkable. The characteristic post up and fade away is simply amazing.

    • lbj says:

      We can compare MJ and Kobe since they are just runner up to the Greatest Player of All Time our “king” LeBron. Jordan is 2rd greatest Dwade is 3rd greatest and Kobe is the 4th greatest of all time but you can’t compare our “king” LeBron to neither MJ or Kobe because he’s too far from them!

      • Kobe says:

        I think you are far away from the truth, Kobe and MJ are on first and top level, while others come second…..

      • jhon says:

        in your dreams lbj

      • millan says:

        @lbj obviously you’ve never watched games of Jordan and you don’t know what you’re talking about. He could take over when he wanted to. He didn’t need space. His one on one defense was way better than Lebron. Note how Durant eats Lebron on Offense. Lebron can’t create in the small space. He needs space and speed and uses power. Dwane Wade ahead of Kobe? Please! Taking injury out of the equation, Grant Hill, McGrady, Barkley, Dominque Wilkins, Durant, Russel Westbrook and quite a few more would equal and be better than Wade. Wade is was terrific and is good, but never better than Kobe. Go watch some videos of actual game actions and especially in critical situations and see who is or was more effective.

      • wade?? 3rd best player of all time??? GROW A BRAIN

      • I don’t know what you’re smoking if you think warde is even among the top 50 of all time! GROW A FRIGGIN BRAIN!

      • Tyrone Downing says:

        Man u talk dumb

      • Joshua says:

        wow lebron must be your boyfriend! get ready to see the SPURS sweep bron bron in the 2015 finals. SPURS going back to back! Basketball is a TEAM sport. Not an individual sport, this isn’t tennis or golf. even if lebron averages 60 ppg per game, he can’t can’t beat the SPURS TEAM all by his self, it’s just not possible BUDDY. I smell SPURS 3PEAT!

      • Tim B. says:

        LBJ is a troll, and constantly makes comments like that. You just have to ignore him/her.

      • Justified#24 says:

        stupid… LBJ can’t even win a title without a help of his superstar teamates in Miami. He even move to a different team to win a title compare to MJ and Kobe. You really don’t know anything so if I were you, I’ll just go to bed. SLEEP…

      • Jelly bean bryant says:

        LBJ will never be number one. NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3, NOT 4, NOT 5, NOT 6, NOT 7. He’ll never be players like MJ or Kobe.

      • D3rd says:

        In your dreams

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        Lol LBJ, and I guess that makes Bosh the best PF ever?
        Hahaha! As for your “King” Lebron…go watch game 5 of the 1998 NBA finals…or better known as “The Flu Game”.
        The commentators started it all with those famous words as the buzzer sounds…”He’s done it, 38 points for THE KING.”
        Lebron is a prince no doubt but he doesn’t hold the crown.

      • rgfhfdfdgfdgfdg says:

        dwyane wade connot make a three for his life. And lebron cant take over the game in the final minute the way kobe or mj can. LeBron always needs some superstar behind him to win. Remember in 2005 when the Lakers didnt make the playoffs. Kobe stayed with the lakers to help them rebuild and they won the championship in 2009.

    • wade says:

      very similar, but it seems like MJ has more hop and hangtime so he seems to have more control in his jump shot whereas Kobe falls down quickly and his shots are a little rush.

  2. Mikael says:

    Well it takes some time before Lebron gets there, he might but he is not there – end of discussion 😀

  3. Colo says:

    I can’t believe how stupid people is, there are not similarities btwn kobe and mj, i dont know why they are surprised with this video, people say, ” wow kobe is the most similar player to mj, he is the second goat,” yeah because Kobe copy everything to mj, even the celebrations, its just pathetic, really pathetic what kobe does, i dont see how can we compare them, , write your own history bro, that’s sad,,,

    • Alec says:

      EXACTLY. People are oblivious. While it is impressive how close Kobe can imitate MJ, that’s exactly what it is. It’s not coincidence or similarity; it is years and years of copying MJ’s every move. Copying his celebrations and even how he speaks to the media is just sad. Kobe is good, but please don’t try to trick people into be amazed at the “similarities”. Kobe is an MJ impersonator. He can get real close to the real thing, but he will never be Michael Jordan.

    • dd def says:

      you’re a fool. kobe has always said mj was his biggest influence, modeling your game after someone is something EVERY player in the league does. also, going from uber athletic to aging and playing smarter with the post game is just a good idea, so let’s don’t be so foolish fool.

    • David says:

      Jordan said it himself, he learned from many other great players and copied their moves. It’s bound to happen. LBJ is NOT THE GOAT or even in the top 3 of Best players of all time. Jordan and Kobe are 1 and 2 on that list. Then Wilt has to be 3rd. Wade shouldn’t even be in this discussion. Maybe top 50.

      • Jason larsen says:

        Kobe isn’t second…u can’t be second when u win three nba championships but aren’t named finals mvp…Kobe and lebron are great but very different players

    • mjking says:

      word up my g.kobe copy it all from the king.thats really sad

    • yotu says:

      Agree, scary copy cat. Never a copy can’t be better than the original.

    • jc says:

      How in any way is that pathetic. Why would you not want to copy the greatest player ever. Clearly he was doing something right so maybe if you do that same thing you can be just as good. It would be one thing if Kobe tried to say that he doesn’t copy MJ, but he’s said that he modeled his game after MJ. Kobe has still done his fair share of amazing things and deserves the praise that he gets.

    • $wag says:

      You guys are all acting like YOU can copy all of MJ’s moves just sitting there, let alone do what Kobe does… smh

    • jamal rogers says:

      U should see how many other people try and copy moves but cant get thru high school varsity. Lol no matter what he doee he still has to make those shots against the best players in the world game in and game out

  4. WADE isn’t among the top 10 CURRENT players! Your stupidity amazes me…

  5. SoulChorea says:

    People look at this as a reason to hate on Kobe, because in their words “he just wants to be MJ but will never be MJ”. Somehow, in their minds, this makes him less than great. But the thing is, EVERY kid wanted to be MJ growing up, and I only know of one guy (Kobe) who actually managed to be so good at it, he won almost as many NBA Championships. That alone – “pretending to be MJ” like every kid on the planet but doing it on an NBA stage – is reason to consider him one of the greatest of all time, and VERY high on that list. Now add to that his incredible shot-making ability and all-out work ethic, etc., and you have top 3 all time. Saying anything else is just not giving credit where credit is due.

  6. Basket ball IQ says:

    Notice how much tougher Kobe’s shots are. The defenders are bigger, stronger and more athletic–and the team defensive schemes are much better…just saying…

    • prince levi says:

      No there not kobe just chuck up shots. And to add the era of basketball jordAn played was tougher . Players knew it was a price to pay going in the paint . That’s where all the calls they band , where in jordans era . Holding , three seconds in the paint was allowed , illegal screen , and etc . That’s y Jordan is the greatest . Despite all that he still won and control the game . The had defense scheme just for jordan .Detroit , the jordan rules.
      Just saying

  7. Basket ball IQ says:

    People “is” stupid? For real dude? No, just no. You’re the one that’s pathetic, you have the nerve to say something like this and not even write right, SMH.

  8. Miami says:

    If you really believe wade isn’t a top 50 player of all time. you must be stupid. WADE IS PROBABLY THE 3RD BEST SG TO EVER PLAY THIS GAME.

  9. nate says:

    whoever made this video is amazing!

  10. KU says:

    I hope theres another Kobe/Jordan in the near future. Their games are great to watch.

  11. jamma says:

    Norris Cole is way better than Wade. You know it’s the truth jhon.

  12. K says:

    Defense. Defense. Defense. Kobe was 90 percent of MJ offensively; around 60 defensively. Leadership, even lower. MJ left his issues with his teammates on the Court or in the locker room; Kobe airs his dirty laundry to the media. James is 70 percent of MJ offensively; 60 percent Defensively. James is a brat. I’ll never like him as a player or person.

  13. MH says:

    FYI D-WADE is the 3rd Greatest Shooting Guard of All TIME. (After MJ & Kobe; check any list of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history.) He is also in the Top 50 GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME List.

    People who disagree should quit watching the NBA.

  14. FrankL2010 says:

    lbj strikes again, jerk huh?

  15. Nick says:

    Awesome video! I must say, though, that those “moves” have been around a LONG time. The ultimate “turn-around jumper artist” was Earl, “The Pearl”, Monroe. He had an absolutely insane turn-around jumper. It was so insane he rarely ever had to fade away to get off the shot. You guys should dig out some of his footage for all of the young folks to see!

  16. Kyle says:

    Well, all I can say is, Kobe is a big copy cat! he copy everything from MJ.

  17. Jn says:

    Kobe gets an initial point above Michael coming in earlier straight out of high-school with a championship ring. Michael easily equalizes with a higher field goal percentage than Kobe. Michael takes another step above Kobe simply because he pioneered much of his own moves, whereas Kobe copied so much of Michael. Finally, Michael has 6 championship rings, Kobe has 5 still putting Michael as the greater of the 2 and for that matter the greatest of all times!

  18. Please stop the comparison. MJ is waay way ahead of this copycat. This copycat copied all of MJ’s moves and mannerisms. From the way MJ walks and talks, This copycat copied it all. what a shame! and what about stats comparison and achievements? hey, MJ is way up there! if we talk about stats lets start it from the defense department, then from there you will know this copycat has nothin’ on MJ.

  19. Colo is a clown says:

    81 pts 12 3pt bucketts two seperate games. records all time nba. respect a legend and proffesiona. jordan got a lot of his moves from West watch old footage. Research b4 u run your mouth

  20. Ryverson says:

    It’s an honour for someone to be compared to MJ. Even if you were compared because you had similar moves, you still have to finish and that is exactly what Kobe has done…don’t hate, just appreciate!

  21. GodSaveTheKing says:

    MJ Carrer FG 49.7%
    Kobe Carrer (and counting) FG 45.5%

    MJ was more effective

  22. rich says:

    Now that’s what I call exciting players ! Unlike the boring Spurs and their players , haha…

    Anybody heard the news – “BORING Spurs FINALLY make BIG noise with HAMMON ! ” Organization can’t seem to put enthusiasm and exhuberance on their players actions when playing. I’m glad they’re coaches are at least fun to watch.

    I’m not the only one who finds them boring, even some ESPN analyst and some TNT crews finds them boring. Win or lose – no facial expression. Got injured or healthy – no facial expression. Hitting a winning shot or missing a winning shot – no facial expression. THEY ARE BOTS for crying out loud !

  23. nbafan says:

    Milan, Watch all bulls game in the 90’s witness all the amazing games and championships!!! Mj should be called KING!
    Hill- smart player, shooter, will penetrate when open Mcgrady- showtime Westbrook- good but he play like a street baller the rest you mention all best but all forwad specially Barkley and Wilkins this two is the beast under neath.
    Wade is a great player his on my top 5 for me. early years, before his injury he will slash in the middle even a pin hole of space bring Miami on the playoff and very smart on the game…
    Colo- thums up!!!

  24. Heros..... says:

    Even if Kobe has copied moves from Jordan, you guys would all be full of it if you said you hadn’t copied or imitated one of your heros as a kid! Then, if you were soo good at it that you could make millions from it…..I bet you guys would do it, too! It still doesn’t take away from the fact that Kobe is one of the best of all time….one of the best under pressure (it sure aint Lebron)….and probably one of the most determined. His work ethic is second to none. Copy cat or not, I would still put my money on Kobe with a 1 on 1 with anyone in the NBA….

  25. DB says:

    Anyone ever heard of Affion Crocket? That guy sounds just like Jay-Z. But Jay-Z he is not. Phillip Phillips? Sounds just like Dave Matthews – copied his sound, his style – but Dave Matthews he is not. There are people who have the gift of imitation, and Kobe is one of those people. Kobe studied and copied Jordan’s moves, mannerisms, celebrations, speech patterns, I mean the man was obsessed. But that’s Kobe’s gift. A few things Kobe couldn’t copy: 10 scoring titles, 5 MVPs, 6 Finals MVPs, 30 ppg career average (including Wizards years), etc.

    Michael Jordan is far and away the GOAT.

  26. CLINT MC says:

    I’ve heard these arguments all too often
    Here’s the verdict.
    Micheal is more mentally tough than any of these guys.
    Micheal went to the championship 6 times and came back with 6 championship and 6 MVPs
    Defensively Micheal can take you straight of the picture. Ask Clyde Drexler
    Even though Kobe copied some of his moves and I did say SOME. Micheal has made shots that Kobe, Lebron or anyone else
    has even attempted to make. The ones Kobe couldn’t figure the MATH.
    Micheal is more of a team player
    Kobe and Lebron might be better 3 point shooters but Micheal has won more scoring titles than any of them.
    Micheal played in a tougher league than now and imagine if he was as good a 3 point shooter as they are.


    Micheal is mentally, atheletically & so much incomparable than Kobe and Lebron.

  27. kobe84 says:

    MJ is the GOAT. Magic Johnson!!!!!

  28. HYRH says:

    Neither Jordan or Kobe are the greatest. If you want to base it on championships, Bill Russell has 11. If you want to consider individual dominance you have to pick Wilt Chaimberlain who holds more scoring records than every other player combined, has 17 while everybody else combined have 9

  29. Grievous56 says:

    This article is put up on the website like every year, smh.

  30. ralph says:

    KOBE won 2 RINGS without SHAQ total of 5RINGS. LeBron won 2Rings BUT THE QUESTION IS can he Win without WADE AND BOSH?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. Don Quijote says:

    …and they both won multiple chapionship under Phil Jackson. Both MJ and Kobe struggle with their old coach (Collins / Harris) until Phil Jackson took over their teams.

  32. 2 for stu says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    You have to give Kobe credit for prefecting the moves that has made MJ the greatest of all time to date.

  33. rapsfan says:

    simply uncanny how alike the moves are…it’s only because i remember every highlight that i believe it’s not a doctored video…thanks Youssef and Lang

  34. EC says:

    Championship is the ultimate goal for every players, period. And it’s hard to get one, so LBJ should prove that first.

  35. David Orszag says:

    Kobe is great, but he’s just a really good copy of MJ!

  36. Precious says:

    Kobe stole from MJ. . . . Point blank. . . I dont see people going crazy for Kobe retros either. . . Im 31 so I have seen MJ & Kobe play. . . no one has reached MJ yet. . . NO ONE.

  37. Of Course says:

    He is Copy Bryant what else you expect!?

  38. burchesill says:

    Kobe’s plagiarism of MJ fell woefully short if you ask me AND ARE OBJECTIVE. While Kobe stans will point to a certain game against the worst defensive team in the league that had a 3rd year Bosh and Matt Bonner as the front court along with Jalen Rose, a self-proclaimed “terrible defender,” as evidence that Kobe is a scorer like Mike, I’d point out the fact that Kobe only won 2 scoring titles while MJ won virtually 10 (interrupted by retirement) in a row. Could have been 12!

    On the defensive end, not only was MJ the DPOY, but he won the steals title 3 times as a shooting guard!!!

    All else – MVPS, FMVPS, PER, Win Shares, efficiency, etc – MJ is just on a whole other level than Kobe. Aside the fact that it is kind of pathetic that Kobe did plagiarize it all. He needs academic expulsion. Also, people that will say “MJ copied” also” are dumb. There is incorporating other’s moves…and then there is Kobe-style plagiarism.

  39. DS says:

    Jordan=6 Finals MVPs…10 scoring titles enough said

  40. See red says:

    U are an idiot. Lebrons the greatest of all time??? Some people are so stupid…..

  41. Easy E says:

    just wanted to add my list for the top 10 SG

    1.Micheal Jordan 2.Kobe Bryant 3.Clyde Drexler 4. jerry West 5.Dwayne Wade 6. George Gervin 7. Sam Jones 8. Reggie miller 9. Joe Dumars 10 . Mitch Richmond

  42. marcus day says:

    I am not a Jordan fan, on the other hand I guess he is the all time favorite, but let me tell you Kobe bean Bryant is right behind
    him, whether you hate him or not give the man his due, you kobe haters get on my nerves, and who ever put Dwayne wade ahead of Kobe needs to stop writing period. King james is getting there, and let me tell everybody something Jordan kobe and LeBron would not ever won titles without a good sidekick maybe one that’s it. And also last point on and off the court my greastest player and made teammates better is Earvin Magic Johnson he is the role model for sure.

  43. Basketball jones says:

    Jordan = black cat.

    Kobe = copy cat. Clearly Kobe copy all Jordan’s move, he shouldn’t be mention as one of the greatest.

  44. yamil87 says:

    People got some serious issues going on in their heads to even dare to say that LeBron is over MJ or Kobe for that matter… NOTHING absolutely NOTHING about James is better than MJ other than the fact he is taller, bigger and physically “stronger”. Yet those qualities don’t make a player… People get your facts right

  45. Sebastian says:

    Iceman, Jerry West, Drexller, Iverson. All way better than Wade. At least 1 person. And no way top 50, he not a legend. Boy, he needed Shaq, LeBron, and Bosh to win championships.

  46. Sea Pea says:

    Kobe studied Jordan’s moves all his life and idolized him. What do you expect?

  47. Varum says:

    You are right lbj! Lebron is too far away from MJ and Kobe. AWAY from beating Jordan’s 6 rings and Kobe’s 5! How was that?

  48. sports fan says:

    Of course Kobe copied MJ in every way, he’s MJ’s illegitimate son.

  49. roezy says:

    I think it is now safe to say that Kobe is the BEST … MJ impersonator.

  50. roezy says:

    YESSS Kobe is THE BEST… MJ impersonator

  51. t says:

    at the end of the day its about what u can and cant do.. if everyonethat plays basketball could be as good as mj kobey or lbj then they would/ whether its mimicking moves or not.. end of discussion..

  52. t says:

    offensively mj was the best/entertainment and unbelieveable is kobey…lbj does everything good.. all 3 are great players.. I would have to say they are all numbers 1 2 and 3

  53. NBAFAN says:

    You guys make it sound that Jordan invented the game of basketball, but Jordan copied the greats before him he himself had said that.
    As Jordan got older and lost a step he perfected his fade away jumper, its obvious most of you guys have never played serious basketball the moves that you see Jordan and Kobe do are to loose the defender and create space there is no other way to create your own shot on your own.
    You call Kobe a copy cat then you can call the whole NBA copy cats because every move had already been done before there are no new moves.
    And yes MJ has a higher percentage but he was protected by the refs just look at the number of free throws he was given, Kobe was never protected by the refs as a matter of fact he was given more T’s than any other guard because he had to fight for every free throw he got.
    Also the players today are bigger stronger quicker than they were in MJ’s time I seriously doubt that if MJ played today in his prime he could achieve today what he did back then.
    Finally I had the pleasure of watching both players play their whole careers and sad to say I doubt we will ever see two great masters like this again, and if you guys think those moves were copied and MJ was so easy to emulate why is there no other player in the NBA doing it.

  54. eLkapian says:

    Man, people who put LBJ/Kobe or any other current players in the NBA these days over MJ are missing out on what MJ really is. These are the people who haven’t seen MJ play, man those were the days. When MJ has the ball outside the arc dribbling, you could see the defense change/scatter, there’s that sense of greatness that can’t be put into words, you just have to see it, I personally can’t see it with these players. With due respect to the others like Wilt/Magic/Bird/Russell, haven’t seen them on a game basis. just highlights.

  55. Joe P says:

    Kobe will only be remembered for being a good copy of MJ.

  56. jd says:


  57. buo13 says:

    more than this.

  58. bren says:

    This video is about their moves similarities, its not about stats or whos the the greatest of alltime… great video, hope to see more beautiful videos….

  59. FAN Oz says:

    Kobe and Jordan learnt from other players, and then both extended. Kobe followed MJ into the league.
    Kobe in a interview explained in detail how is copied and expanded other plays shooting and spacing. The best player and physically the most similar was MJ, hence the homage to MJ within the footage. But its an insult to Kobe to think MJ is the only one he learnt from.
    MJ is still the best (so far). In the vid’s its easy to see the defence pressure of his shots is greater than Kobe’s. It could be a sign of rule/interpretation changes or players just demoralised by how good both of them whip their backsides.
    Either way its good fun to watch, great video thanks

  60. T-3 in the place to be says:

    Amazing job youssef!!!!

    Im gonna be DEVESTATED when Kobe retires….uugghhhhh

  61. The Voice Of Reason says:

    The ultimate compliment! Kobe has always said he studied the best in MJ. Kobe deserves an enormous amount of credit for how close his moves are to MJs – many have tried to emulate his game – Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, D-Wade etc. The bottom line is people want to learn from the best. By copying MJ Kobe developed a game that has him at 4th in all-time scoring – now that’s a compliment to MJ!

  62. Eddy says:

    Kobe got his entire game from Jordan! Jordan is the prototype player to be but not many player have the talent or understanding to do that. The moves Jordan do are fundamental but the coordination is hard to imitate!

  63. Angelo says:

    First off you dumb retarded idiots….yes lbj didnt win alone..he had help….but if you knew anything about basketball….every great player who won championship s had help from other star players on their teams….stop hating on lbj he cant be jordan or kobe but they cant compare on lbj skills either they are different in their own skill sets thats the thing about greatness get offfff of jordans d$$ people ride him to hard you..and the ones that claim you know basketball you dont…you jusy watch clips and think you saw jordan playin his time…. shame on you…

  64. joe says:

    MJ always had many best players in his team and that is how he got 6 rings….Kobe got two of the rings practically by himself.
    When the game has always been on the line….no one has been better than Kobe. Lebron is not even close and does not count.
    He is simply just a good player…even with best players in his team they got humiliated by a very old team at their own home court.

  65. Bruno says:

    It’s obviously Kobie is an amazing player, but it is more obviously MJ is and will be for many more years the GOAT.
    I’m not a Chigaco fan nor MJ follower, however the picture is quite easy to understand, MJ is the number one. After him we can name a considerable number of players to the second spot. MJ won 6 titles and was the MVP of the finals, Kobie won 5 but he did not get the high performance of his master. Lebron? Come on people, he’s an excellent player but no away he will be close to MJ, Kobie or a duzen more players.

  66. YourHigness says:

    OMG they should be similar since the younger guy is copying all MJ’s move. Copycat

  67. Kobe23 says:

    There are 3 greatest players in NBA history
    1st) Michael JORDAN
    2nd) Kobe BRYANT
    3rd) All NBA players of all time

  68. MrR says:

    It was MJs ability to do it at both ends that made him the greatest ever.

    1988 – MVP, All Star MVP, Leading Scorer, Steals Leader, lead the Bulls in blocked shots and got DPOY. That’s a decent season.

    You’ll notice there are no defensive comparisons in the video.

  69. Chupa Chups says:

    Since when is NBA re-posting articles? This was posted months ago, wtF?

  70. unikr0n says:

    man jordan was so revolutionary! so fresh and so clean clean! as an 11 yr old kid watching jordan win his first title after being man handled by those mean badboys the year before, it was so exciting.

    his next 5 titles were just as exciting! then he retires and leaves the NBA beggin for more. i still think kobe is a better ball handler over all though. mj just had a crossover, behind the back and between the legs. kobe on the other hand is psycotic with the ball. but jordan was much better at gettin seperation with his fadaways.. mj 1a kobe 1b. and the only reason i labled it that way was because without mj tyere would be no mamba. period

  71. Hamza says:

    Kobe must’ve watched lots of my films. There both identical . It’s awesome

  72. mike jordan says:

    @lbj,,wade over kobe?..lbj over Jordan?..your already addicted to lbj and Miami heat, you don’t know the truth anymore..LOL..wade cant be at the top ten…Michael Jordan still is the greatest player of all time, combination of skills, style, intelligence, and drive to win.

  73. mike jordan says:

    not all players who imitates can do really’s the nature of kobe to move like that, it’s already in his genes..many basketball players imitate Jordan, and many also shoots fadeaways, but none of them was close, except about the built?..the height?..the championship rings?..the talent?..not everybody who imitates Jordan have those..

    • NBA says:

      Nobody is trying to imitate anybody here. With the amount of games played and the limited variation of shots you can do, this is normal. Not to mention they play using the triangle offense. Same spacing, same rotation, and same shot selection.

  74. DBALL says:

    To start of this is a great video so props go to you my friend.

    Here is my input –
    Jordan – amazing player
    Kobe – amazing player

    Why is Lebron in this discussion? (or other players for this matter) I’m not saying he doesn’t get a look in for ONE of the best to play the game but this video is about Kobe “copying” some of Jordans moves, so lets drop drop the talk and stick to what the point is.

    Sure Kobe coppied/stole/studied/learned (what ever you want to call it) some of his moves? So what!! You see someone that has had so much success why would you not want to do the same? Greatness learns from greatness, it always has and always will. Jordan learned some of his moves from someone, kobe learned some of his moves from him (along with other NBA players) plus he created his own twist on the game we all love. They might have a lot of the same game but they have differences all over the court and off it too. Just enjoy what they do/done and stop moaning.

    A lot of people can sit at the computer and comment and take shots at players from what they do from game to game but I ask can you do what they do? Have you made it the grand stage? Will you ever? More than likely not.

    If you play also I can bet you copy moves and try moves that your favourite player/players do. Why should it be any different for an NBA player?

    I wish I could really sit and write what I want to say the man (boss) so this is a quick type up.

  75. Stylze says:

    Each generation has someone whom they can say is the best. My nod goes to Michael because at a time when the league was full of stars he was the best of them all. The game was different, defenses were harder and yet he found a way to do what he did night in and night out. Kobe can be considered number 2. His resume definitely warrants that position. However, there are many whom could claim that spot. Of the many who can, Wade isn’t one of them. He’s good and had his great moments. Unfortunately injury and Lebron has taken away what he could’ve become. There’ss no way you can be considered the second best all time when you’re not even number one on your own team.

  76. Ken Mark says:

    men, people hate Lebron because they are fans of Kobe, try to be objective and analize how kobe and lebron plays. Lebron is a much complete player than Kobe. Kobe is a selfish player. If your talking about Lebron not winning a championship without a start teammate, then look at Kobe, he never won a championship in LA without Shaq and Gasol. How many MVP thropy does Kobe have? Only one, an indication that it is not Kobe who brought his team at the top, its Shaq. I am a fan of MJ and the only player closer and possibly could level to MJ is LeBron. That’s an objective analysis not as a fan of LeBron.

  77. Ken Mark says:

    men, people hate Lebron because they are fans of Kobe, try to be objective and analize how kobe and lebron plays. Lebron is a much complete player than Kobe. Kobe is a selfish player. If your talking about Lebron not winning a championship without a star teammate, then look at Kobe, he never won a championship in LA without Shaq and Gasol. How many MVP thropy does Kobe have? Only one, an indication that it is not Kobe who brought his team at the top, its Shaq. I am a fan of MJ and the only player closer and possibly could level to MJ is LeBron. That’s an objective analysis not as a fan of LeBron.

  78. LeBrun James says:

    All i see here is kobe is a big poser.

  79. lbjoke says:

    kobe is the best copy at this date, he studied and reproduced the g.o.a.t, at least he copied the good one right ? i did it too.
    But michael was clearly stronger upper body, arms, more athletic, more agressive, iron body and stronnnnnng legs.
    You can see rage and perseverance in his game, when he was small and when his big brother was defeating/humiliating him on the court when they was kids.

    pound for pound, i think jordan was more athletic than james, and i’m not talking about mucles, but genetics

  80. Jun says:

    MJ was 6-0 in the Finals. Now copy that Kobe!

  81. El Stone says:

    Lebron “The Ring Buyer” James will never be close to Jordan.

    If you take Jordan, Kobe and James in their prime, James is a distant third.

    And to the idiot who said DWade is the 3rd best player of all time – come on dude! He was not even the third best player on his team. Bosh, James, and Ray Allen were all superior.

    Why don’t you crawl out of DWade’s man purse and watch some basketball for a change.

  82. lebrons mom says:

    Michael is the greatest athlete to ever play basketball.
    Lebron is the strongest athlete to ever play basketball.
    Kobe is the greatest,most skilled player
    To ever play the game,hands down.

  83. sports fan says:

    After MJ the mold wasn’t broken, it was just cracked. And then came Kobe, a Jordan clone with a defect.

  84. amfu8 says:

    MJ FG% regular season (chicago only) 50.5
    MJ FG% playoffs 48.7

    KB FG% regular season 45.4
    KB FG% playoffs 44.8

    LJ FG% regular season 49.7
    LJ FG% playoffs 48.2

  85. Kevin Tendall says:

    Kobe is a student of the game. He studies and works harder than anybody in the league. He tells u first hand he stole moves from MJ, Magic, Bird, hell even Dirk. People need to respect what this guy has done. People say he got 3 rings because of shaq, when in reality, there numbers showed they needed eachother. Then they said he wouldn’t win with out shaq and he wins 2 more rings. The guy is the closet thing to Jordan period. Lets be honest if Jordan didn’t have pippen, he wouldn’t have 6 rings, and that just goes to my point, Every great player need somebody to win championships. Nobody talks about bird or magic. There starting fives were all hall of famers and its funny because those two made everybody better, when they were already great. Give Kobe his due, there is only one Jordan and one Kobe.

  86. wade says:

    wade is going to silence the voca everyone will make the mvp and desmostrara that is better than jordan, kobe, lebron, durant wade wade you will see what they removed the mvp in 2009 to devio der jordan said the mvp

  87. Celtics4life says:

    I can put together a mixtape of Kwame Brown and MJ and i bet you will see them both do the same move a couple times.

  88. Jason larsen says:

    Kobe and Jordan were identical in jump shots but Jordan was by far superior in finishing at the rim…better defender and better rebounder and he was always nba finals MVP lol and never lost in a finals…Kobe is most similar but not second greatest and lebron at this point isn’t either and lebron plays way different than Kobe anyways

  89. intelligent says:

    lebron is the most comprehensive history is better than durant kobe ​​kobe ​​and shaq won championship gasol
    kobe ​​mvp lebron has only 1 4 and kobe ​​will win more one stays
    the best of all time is lebron for being so full
    second jordan
    third bill russell
    des as follows wade, durant, kobe

  90. lbj says:

    lebron is the most comprehensive history is better than durant kobe ​​kobe ​​and shaq won championship gasol
    kobe ​​mvp lebron has only 1 4 and kobe ​​will win more one stays
    the best of all time is lebron for being so full
    second jordan
    third bill russell
    des as follows wade, durant, kobe

  91. Gregonomics says:

    Hmm, it is kind of true when you look at (at least) these highlights, that kobe had more hands in his face and more suffocating defense. I saw numerous plays where kobe had help defenders right on him where as Jordan was left wit hspace in his shots. I think there’s a combination of reasons there. One being that you can see MJ has way more fluidity and bounce to his space-making moves, thus awarding himself more space. I think the defensive scheme improvement in our day plays a factor too. Also, it is true, bigger defenders, longer arms, more athletic.

    Now one thing I’ve been thinking about becuase I always give MJ more credit for playing like he did in a time where the rules didn’t favor the offense as much. That’s still true but also, we saw Kobe for years, with less touches (was playing with shaq), torch defenses. It wasn’t until after his championships that the rules started changing…or am I wrong?

  92. Maciek says:

    That video documents what is obvious for everyone who remembers MJ from 90s and who still watches NBA basketball with KB. However in the 80s, to make a long story short, MJ was his Airness with his incredible drives and dunks. KB was not as athletic and as graceful as MJ was, so my impression is that KB is not so easily comparable in style of playing to 80s MJ.

  93. Dean Tangeman says:

    That was awesome! Amazing How similar they are. Jordan says Kobe stole all his moves…nah, I think Kobe just loaned Jordan them before Kobe could actually get to use them. Kobe Michael Bryant or is it Michael Kobe Jordan? Both!

  94. 210LakerFan says:

    Lmao Wade 3rd…C ‘ MON MAN.

  95. Phil Jackson 11Rounds says:

    1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

    Thanks to an absolutely tireless work ethic, Bryant is the most skilled player in the league with virtually every weapon at his disposal. His turnaround jump shot is the best and better than Michael Jordan, and his footwork is unmatched by any active player. His will to win and focus are unparalleled, making him the single most intense competitor in the game.

  96. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Everyone growing up in the 80s/90s wants to be Jordan. I get it.

    But even copying how Jordan talks?(you should watch how Kobe talks when he came to the league and compare to now, even in an exclusive interview at SLAM during his colorado trail. They mentioned why Kobe is talking like MJ.)

    Jordan COMBINES moves from King, thompson, West and FORMED his OWN fadeway shot. There’s always a fadeway shot, but MJ perfected it. He used that more often after he came back from the first retirement to save energy. The spin, the fallback was all from countless hours in gym to perfection.

    We already got the real deal, why the heck do we want a copycat?

    When you just copy everything from someone you can never be the best. Kobe is always a second tier player to me.

    No talent copycat.

  97. “The King” LeBron should include this 2 on his current team, that might help him win another championship… he joined cavs because of kyrie and he already know that cavs will go after love, might as well add kobe and mj and maybe add durant, harden, manny pacuiao, floyd mayweather, lionell messi and christiano ronaldo on his all star team… go KING we are proud of you lol

  98. Faba says:

    you know what ? i think lbj is really Lebron James who is posting all those comnents haha

  99. Donnie says:

    MJ23 and KB24 have the same coach at that time, coach Phil used a triangle offense. They have the same position SG. Coach Phil used the same play on both MJ and KB. See all the position of their team mates and all the deffenders, its almost identical too.

  100. jdub455 says:

    no comparison…. kobe aint even near MJ. period.

  101. bien says:

    1 jordan
    2 kobe
    3 wade