John Henson eats Wisconsin State Fair food

Jon Hartzell,

VIDEO: Eat it or nah with John Henson

The Wisconsin State Fair is, uh, interesting. The 11-day event takes place in a Milwaukee parking lot that features farm animals, questionably safe amusement rides and food. Lots and lots of food, most of it the kind you would quickly regret putting in your body. (Cajun shark on a stick, anyone?)

The Bucks convinced third-year forward John Henson to venture into this terrifying food realm and the slender big man comes out alright. Relatively. The video doesn’t show how that Loaded Twister Dog treated him the next day.

Want more Wisconsin State Fair? (You do.) Check out this list of every food they’re putting on a stick in the great city of Milwaukee this week. The deep-fried bacon-wrapped tater tots on a stick won’t eat themselves, folks.


  1. lbj says:

    John Henson eating Wisconsin won’t give you any ring. You need to eat Akron Ohio and play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland. We will trade Joe Harris plus future first round picks!

  2. lbjoke says:

    he can earn an onion ring for sure

  3. rgfhfdfdgfdgfdg says:

    be quiet lbj

  4. Jesse the Great says:

    Normally i wouldnt want to see local athletes eating unhealthy food (OJ MAYO) but my man Henson needs to get his weight up… So a couple days of deep fried whatever might not be the worst thing for dude