Michael Jordan loses shooting game to Kawhi Leonard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just yesterday we checked in with Michael Jordan at his eponymous basketball camp, where we saw that he still has a sweet shooting stroke. Well, today video has emerged of MJ at that same camp, teaming up with a camper and playing a two-on-two game of hot shot against another camper and his partner, gulp, NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. It really gets going around the four-minute mark…

VIDEO: MJ vs Kawhi

(via SLAM)


  1. lbj says:

    Kawhi Leonard winning a shooting game to old and no training Michael Jordan is absolutely not fair. He needs to try playing shooting game and dunking game with our “king” LeBron or even a 1 on 1 play and let’s see what he got! People think that he stops our “king” LeBron in the Finals who average 30 pts a game Spurs bench is too deep the only reason why they win they he never stopped our “king” LeBron!

  2. Travis Best says:

    lbj where you at? you drinkin brons left over bathwater again?

  3. Boogie man says:

    Lbj stop calling him “our king” he’s not royalty at all. Just an amazing basketball player with a 2-3 finals record.

    • Dave says:

      I am sick and tired hearing about Queens James. He got stopped at the Finals against the Spurs. They put a GREAT defensive player on him, and he couldn’t do much at game 3,4 & 5. 🙂

  4. RJ says:

    I bet this lbj dude was burning Lebron’s jersey when he left. Now all of a sudden he’s on the bozack.

  5. ?????? says:

    that sucks. the kid that did better lost because of MJ

  6. Ldogg says:

    Leonard only needs one more finals MVP to tie bron…..

    • lbj says:

      Yeah one more final mvp to tie with our “king” LeBron but need 4 season mvp!!! who will be even his next life he will not get at least once!!!

    • What's your point? says:

      and he also needs one more finals MVP to tie Kobe……..

  7. summer says:

    was there. .. Mike won 3 others contest. …. this was just 1 out of 4 ……

  8. DEECEE70 says:


  9. bobby says:

    spurs and kawhi just took what lebum couldnt take. go spurs go

  10. bobby says:

    2-1 spurs vs le cramp

  11. Spurs suit up! says:

    Boogie Man LBJ is 2-4 in the Finals… he has lost to the Spurs twice… one in Cleveland and one last year!

    Great player Spurs even greater team!

  12. Mike says:

    Come on guys can’t no one on the spurs stop james. at the same time its a team game and the spurs have a great team and even better chemistry. James works kawi in the paint with NO problems, the spurs had NO answer for him in the finals, the rest of the heat just laid down to the spurs especially chalmers and cole they never even showed up! soon as he cramped they came back and the momentum went down hill from that game.

  13. GOAT says:

    Please stop insulting the Spurs by somehow implying that they won because of LBJ.

    Spurs were the better team all season long and peaked in the play-offs. Miami were a weaker team than the year before and the Spurs deserved to win. Nothing any individual player could have done about it. LBJ did have a good series but Miami was not as good as the Spurs.

  14. Unkaned says:

    I know there’s not much genuine NBA stuff going on this time of year, but are we this madly out of ideas?

  15. Adddddddd says:

    Kevin Durant destroys Lebron. KD is improving, Lebron is at the point in his career he is leveled off and falling off from here.