NBA unis get transformed into soccer kits

By Jeff Case

NBA players are no different — in one sense — from most sports fans around the world: they have a broad variety of sports they are interested in.

Such was proven this year during the World Cup, as the Hawks’ Dennis Schroeder carved out time after a Summer League game to watch his homeland of Germany take on Argentina in the final. And, of course, there’s Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who isn’t afraid to get on the pitch and show off his skills.

So what would happen if the NBA and soccer uniforms (or kits, to those in the football world) cross pollinated? The folks over at gave it a try and some of our favorites are shown below:

bullsnuggetswizardswolves hornetsjazz

(h/t Yahoo’s BDL & J.E. Skeets)


  1. SAVAGE22 says:


  2. Vitor says:

    So beautiful the nba soccer kits. I’d like to see PHX t-shirt.

  3. William A. says:

    I like the idea of the basketball uniform looks like the soccer world cup team. nice, I hope the NBA think real hard to do that, it will be a good money wise for the team and the whole entire organization to help other organization, such a cancer research, aids research, etc.

  4. Faba says:

    I hate it.

  5. Kris says:

    Omg this is so terrible !

  6. Lebrun says:

    Just no.. I swear, if NBA ever decides to force those uniforms on their players I’ll stop watching.

  7. lbj says:

    Rose,Lawson,Wall,Rubio,Stephenson and Exum transforming their uniform into soccer uniform won’t give them a ring. They need to transform their uniform to Cleveland uniform and play with our “king” LeBron. We will trade Joe Harris, Norris Cole future hall of famer via amnesty from Miami plus future 1st and 2nd round picks since we will acquire many players.

  8. John says:

    Advertisements make jerseys look better?

    • Nex says:

      Except its not advertisements on the jerseys, it just repping their Arenas, (Denvcer- Pepsi Center, T wolves – Target Center) and its the same thing with the other 4.

  9. add says:

    Wow those r really nice !!!

  10. The dude says:

    Do we really need to have advertisements on the jerseys? I mean soccer uses it out of necessity. There aren’t as many commercial breaks in soccer. The final 2 minutes of a basketball game is 30 minutes of commercials.

  11. Darlington says:

    Why can’t these be warm ups

  12. T A says:

    It’s cool until you realize there are huge corporate ads scarring the front. Yikes.

  13. Paul says:

    Read the article guys its just sketches. Besides they actually look pretty cool.

  14. lbjoke says:

    lol, they didn’t forget the important tested on you, SPONSORS.

  15. lbjoke says:

    William A.
    August 8, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    I like the idea of the basketball uniform looks like the soccer world cup team. nice, I hope the NBA think real hard to do that, it will be a good money wise for the team and the whole entire organization to help other organization, such a cancer research, aids research, etc.

    lol again, everything is ready i see, hypocrits will use naives utopic peoples
    “stay on the message : sponsors will help to cure and research”

  16. Tyrone says:

    I hate it.

  17. Benjamin says:

    They will restrict the arms with those tight sleeves. I want basketball to look like basketball.. Or is NBA also gonna introduce those small soccer shorts? Basketball has moved on from those small tight things. Not that it has to be super baggy but at least a bit loose.

  18. dhruva says:

    The jerseys don’t look good because of the advertisements for sure and they’re too difficult to play in! I’ve played with t-shirts and sleeveless of which the latter is much easier

  19. yenks says:

    the colors are nice but advertisements in uniforms is lame

  20. Dave says:

    ugly as hell…no way….

  21. -_- says:

    lbj Lebron isn’t better than Jordan. He snit a king either.

  22. -_- says:


  23. -_- says:

    Joe Harris is bad so is Norris Cole nobody will except that offer

  24. Mathieu says:

    that’s realy horrible it’s basketball not soccer -_- the most horrible jersey ever!

  25. matthias says:

    Ugly as Hell! Please don’t ever use those silly tour de france jerseys again.stick to the old nba jerseys from the 90’s!

  26. Propoganda says:

    Seems that the NBA owners are trying to implement this system, and this article’s only purpose is to get you to start thinking positively about something they know the public generally doesn’t accept.

  27. CT says:

    It’s Ok I think. at least it’s going to cover most of the tattoo. That’s better image for players and the league.

  28. dolladdiict says:

    While you’re at it, mine as well make kicking the ball or kicking somebody in the groin legal! Maybe FIFA will respond by letting their players wear basketball type jerseys! See how the players will react! Basketball and soccer ain’t exactly a perfect match. Whoever thought of this stupid idea should be sent to an asylum! Hate it!

  29. meplous says:

    Ugly, horrible, disaster…
    I as a fan and basketball player, will not buy a basketball jersey with sleeves to play on my court, even NBA players has complained about the sleeves, is difficult to shoot with them.

    And about the sponsors logos, put them on the warm ups not on the jerseys, I’ll hate to see a H.E.B logo over my spurs logo.
    The NBA uniforms will end like those in other countries with sponsors patches everywhere, and the wooden floor too. Go check uniforms from PR, DR and European leagues, this is horrible……

    But our comments don’t count this scheme has already been approved, this is not about basketball is business as usual.
    A sleeveless jersey could not be wear everywhere but this new ones do, and most women usually don’t wear this jerseys
    Put them sleeves and you have 2 additional target witch will increase sales $$$$$. Brilliant marketing scheme, But not about the GAME.

    I HATE IT.

  30. Andrew says:

    They can be used for training kits. I think in formal games, it’s not suitable to use sleeves since it restricted the hand movement. It’s a good design though.

  31. target says:

    last year they used the volleyball jerseys wit big team logos,

    this year they are trying to put in soccer uniforms…

    whoo i can’t wait for them to wear hockey jersey on court

    the design is cool though why not just put those prints on a normal basketball jersey..

  32. Superstar says:

    Those take away something from American pride.

  33. adam silver says:

    everybody settle down and read the article before you start slamming the jerseys! the NBA had nothing to do with these. THESE WILL NEVER BE WORN IN AN NBA GAME! just some artists having fun designing ‘what-if’ jerseys, that’s why they have adverts on them… (pepsi centre/denver, verizon center/washington) like soccer sweaters… duh!

  34. sports fan says:

    This is a cool look but the players don’t want sleeves. This would be great to sell to the fans.

  35. Paul says:

    Lot of people here wasting energy getting upset over something that hasn’t even been announced. Having a seizure over a few computer sketches isn’t really going to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.