Blazers take to the diamond

By Jeff Case

The Portland Trail Blazers enjoy one of the most fervent fan bases in all of the NBA, mostly because they were the only professional sports league in town for many, many years. While that has changed of late with the Portland Timbers being a part of Major League Soccer, Blazermania is still alive and well in the Rose City.

While Portland can claim an NBA and MLS team, it doesn’t boast a Major League Baseball team. That leaves Portlanders to scratch that diamond itch another way and the Blazers’ players and coaches prove no exception to that rule. During the last few weeks, the Blazers have had a presence on the baseball field, though, as fans (and coach Terry Stotts) took in a minor league game in Oregon.

And out in Seattle, avowed Mariners fan (and starting center) Robin Lopez threw out the first pitch before a game.

VIDEO: Terry Stotts and Blazers fans watch a minor-league baseball game in Oregon

VIDEO: Robin Lopez tosses out the first pitch at a Mariners game


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