Khris Middleton milks a cow

By Jeff Case

The offseason is a great time for NBA players to get a real feel for some of the culture of the city they play in. Such has been the case for a few members of the Milwaukee Bucks, who chose to take in the Wisconsin State Fair and the trappings there within.

If you missed a few days ago, we showed you Bucks forward John Henson trying a variety of deep-fried goodies sold at the Wisconsin State Fair. Well, if you’re at a fair that’s focused on the dairy industry — which is big in Wisconsin — you’ve gotta try milking a cow, right?

Take it away, Khris Middleton:

VIDEO: Khris Middleton tries milking a cow at the Wisconsin State Fair



  1. lbj says:

    Khris Middleton milking a cow, a got, a sheep even a camel won’t gives his 1st ring. He needs to drink milk in and play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland. We will trade Joe Harris, Norris Cole future hall of famer via amnesty from the heat plus future first round pick to Dairy Farm!