Luvabulls get a celebrity auditioner

By Jeff Case

The Bulls’ dance team, the Luvabulls, will embark on their 35th season entertaining fans in Chicago. As such, the team needs to assemble its roster for 2014-15 and recently held tryouts so it could complete that task. According to the team’s website, the following are among the requirements to be a part of the squad:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age as of July 12, 2014 – please bring valid photo ID
  • Must have training in jazz and hip hop dance, with an emphasis on synchronized dance team choreography – tumbling skills, cheer stunts and pom experience are a plus
  • Must reside in the Chicago-land area and have a reliable means of transportation
  • There are no minimum or maximum height or weight requirements

So, technically, just about anyone — who is qualified — can try out for a spot on the team. Does that include former “Saturday Night Live” stars (like Cheri Oteri) doing so under a psuedonym? Apparently so …

VIDEO: Sage McMurphy (aka Cheri Oteri) tries out for the Luvabulls

(The Bulls also have a great behind-the-scenes video about the spoof tryout.)




  1. lbj says:

    Cheri Oteri auditioning for the Bulls won’t give her any rings. He needs to audition with Cleveland and cheer with our “king” LeBron after doing a monster jam in face of Kobe Bryant. We will trade Joe Harris plus future first round picks to Kevin Duratn!

  2. OhhhhmyGOD says:

    O M G. Like steve kerr said once, if you don’t have something positive to tell about someone then don’t tell nothing.
    However, i think someone needs a psychyatrist. maybe me too because i saw this.
    (comment posted after 04:20 minutes, how she takes the mic LOL)