The House of Mamba’s Kobe Bryant court is amazing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months back we took a look at the new court the Charlotte Hornets were introducing next season for use in their arena, specially designed with a Hornets theme. We also have seen courts with impressive light displays as part of the pregame or halftime intros. But what if all came together at once?

Here’s a short video (via SB Nation) of a basketball court that Nike built in China for an appearance by Kobe Bryant at a venue called the House of Mamba. The LED court is covered with lights and lines and designs and, well, just check this out…

VIDE: Mamba court


  1. lbj says:

    Having an amazing court in China won’t give Kobe Mambo Bryant a ring. He needs to play in the court of Cleveland with our “king” LeBron. We will trade Joe Harris, Norris Cole via amnesty from Miami plus future first round picks Green Mamba, Yellow Mamba and Pink Mamba to Lakers.

    • MAMBA says:

      Man get real!!!
      2009 lakers vs your heat

      not even close

      29 yr old Lebum Vs. 29 yr old Kobe, even more of a joke!!!

      lets all get real and stop this LBJ vs Kobe debate, lebron is 29, kobe is 36…its not fair.

      Thats like comparing some university star to MJ ,saying the star could now currently beat MJ…who gives a dam, hes like 52 yrs old now. its not comparable

      • Bro says:

        Why are you taking him seriously

      • agree says:

        I agree with you. ’13 heat vs ’09 lakers and 29 years old Lebron vs 29 years old Kobe, it’s not even close. Lebron and ’13 Heat are soooooo much above Lakers and Kobe. Man, those 2009 lakers couldn’t even make the finals in 2013 vs the Spurs.

  2. TheKush says:

    Soon that circle that’s around players in the nba video game can be applied in the NBA during the game so fans in the nosebleeds can see their favorite players and their numbers

    • 2k14 says:

      Yep, was just thinking bout that, but it could get a little distracting.

      What I really want to see implemented, is an auto out of bounds detector from this court, so that as soon a player with the ball steps over/on the line, the outer court blinks, lol.

      Would also be nice to show some color explosions on exciting plays like dunks to get the crowd amped.

  3. LeggoHeat says:

    DAYUMM! Perfect for All Star games, specially dunk and skill contests. MAKE IT HAPPEN SILVER!

  4. Mr.Clutch25 says:

    If they had those lights during the game there bring be 100% more injuries because that’s distracting.

  5. Pear009 says:

    Does Cleveland STILL have MORE 1st round picks??? If so, give me a break NBA… (eyes-roll)

    Won’t happen… Kobe is a laker for life… Does he REALLY HAVE to have ANOTHER ring to be in the argument as the GOAT??? (M.J. was the “Big-Cheese” / “Alpha-Dogg” for ALL six of his championships… Kobe won three as a sort of “number two” guy with Shaq at the helm… (Not that that negates ANY-thing! But people will have their opinions and arguments…)

    ****Side-Note! NBA!!! You guys have REALLY got to FIX this “Comment/Post” Space/blog… The Submit Comment “Button” will not respond at times… When I click in the highlighted area, it will highlight the comment below me… Then I’ll have to “TAB” around just to try to get back in the box… It’s a jacked up mess! I’ve had to Re-Load the page just a couple of times just to get it to work… 😦 (and this is Not the first time… It’s happened quite a bit, even dating back to last season and the season before…)

    How about you guys update to a discussion forum like “Disqus” ???

    This comment section reminds me of something out of the 2005 internet… wahhh, wahhhhhhhhhh…

  6. Pear009 says:

    Tends to happen more, when trying to “respond” to another persons post… In fact, that last post would not even let me “reply” to another persons (the guy at the top/lbj’s comment…) No matter how many times I copy and pasted my “take” in the comment section on a newly reloaded page… Sooooo, tried to post it as a “New” comment and it “took”… (But again, might sound a bit harsh, but this is the NBA page… The HOME of the NBA, and the face of the League…) AND, your “Comment Section” not only looks sad, but works pretty sad as well… Let’s step UP the game son!

    • Larry says:

      Why don’t you try to use a different browser? Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Or try updating Internet Explorer? It always works fine for me using Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is a “add=on”, “security” restricted, bogged down P.O.S. to try to use reliably. Most people only use it because it’s what came with Windows and is already there to use.