Jeremy Lin smashes birthday cake in mom’s face

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The best way to celebrate a birthday? With cake, of course.

The best way to make that cake a surprise? Smash it in the birthday celebrant’s face.

A cake to the face is funny, in theory. In practice it sometimes loses some of the humor. But in the video below, in which Jeremy Lin celebrates his mother’s birthday by hitting her in the face with a cake, everyone seems to have a good laugh. Enjoy the cake, Mom!


  1. vinsanefan says:

    Jeremy Lin seems to have something against his Mom. First he posterizes her and now he’s smashing a birthday cake in her face. Whatever happened to parental respect.

    • Tyto says:

      Sense of humour much?

    • lbj says:

      Smashing your mom’s face with a cake won’t give Jeremy Lin his 1st ring. He needs to play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland. We will trade Joe Harris, James Jones and 1 birthday cake to Lakers plus future first round pick!

      • Not ur business says:

        dude, no one cares

      • Just Do It says:

        James Jones isn’t even on the Miami Heat anymore. Oh wait I forgot, you’re a Cleveland bandwagoner now.

      • (216) says:

        Every body wants to be a cleveland fan now but i am a true cleveland fan since birth born and raised in the (216) i’ve been there thought the thick and the thin i hate all thease bandwagon fans:(