Patrick Ewing responds to Michael Jordan’s ice bucket challenge

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yesterday we saw Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. AS part of MJ’s acceptance, he issued a challenge to his Dream Team teammates. As we noted on the Jordan post, his Dream team teammate Larry Bird was a step ahead of him. But today, MJ’s Dream Team teammate Patrick Ewing, an assistant coach for the Hornets, stepped up to the plate and took the ice bucket challenge…

VIDEO: Ewing Challenge


  1. mee(a)t says:

    Now i have to see Big Al do this

  2. BasketballFanX says:

    hey patrick ewing i know the 94 finals was a tough loss but i’m just saying, i was 13 year old, we where a lot of kids to watch, it was the first and the most beautiful finals we ever saw. tension, skills, 7 REAL crazy defensive warrior games, harper going crazy, you and olajuwon at the top blocking shot after shots (after shots, after shots). this few days of 94 gave us the love of basketball we never stopped to play. i’m sure we are a lot all around the world with you VS hakeem in mind at the beginning, kind of big bang of basketball love, the first moment was there. a freaking epic fight, as kids and young teenagers we didn’t see a loss for you and the knicks, it was 2 winners showing how it’s done in finals.
    glad to see you and thanks