Throwback Thursday: Best teams of the 2000s

VIDEO: Lakers storm to the NBA championship in 2000

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Today’s Topic: Best Teams of 2000s

This week we continue our Throwback Thursday: Best Teams of Each Decade series by looking at the best teams to play in the 2000s.

Make sure to recap all of the NBA greats by decade with the links below.

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Gallery: TBT: Best Teams of the 2000s

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Which of these teams do you think would do best in today’s NBA? Leave your comments below!


  1. Elijah says:

    God can we get some fact checking in here. Wade and LeBron were part of the 2004 draft? Must make them the only players to be drafted in consecutive years as history seems to disagree and places them in the 2003 draft. And the Cavs made the playoffs every year from 2005-2010? Really? What was their playoff record in 2005? Could it have been 0-0 because they DIDNT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS?

  2. lbj says:

    I just realized that our king LeBron needs to leave Cleaveland and join the Detroit Pistons back in the 2000s to win championships.

  3. charless702 says:

    I’m waiting for LBJ to say “Living in the past won’t get Kobe another ring, blah, blah, blah, join “king” james, blah, blah, blah, trade ray allan, blah, blah, blah.”

  4. charless702 says:

    Also judging by the “previous weeks” I’m guessing this list is for 2000-2009. If that is the case how can the Mavs be #5 when they never won a title? I guess the argument is they were good for the whole decade instead of just the tail end but if that is the case you could make a valid argument that the Spurs had a better decade than the Lakers even though the Lakers won 1 more title. I’m also not sure how A.I.’s 76ers are ahead of Lebron’s Cavs. You could argue that in Lebron’s 3 or 4th year he was better than A.I. ever was. You could say A.I. had a slightly worse team in his Finals year but I remember A.I. having a few pretty good teams and accomplishing nothing. If I’m not mistaken he had a year with him playing point, Iggy, Korver, a 20-10 Chris Webber (who played over 70 games) and Dalembert.

  5. Arnold J. Burrus says:

    “Cleveland Cavs”

  6. Mark says:

    Allen Iverson was the team

  7. jon says:

    uhh….. the blazers from the early 2000’s should be on this list. or at least have an honorable mention.

  8. Dragutin says:

    That infamous game 6 in the Sacramento-Lakers series and the Detroit Pistons taking it against those staked Lakers are the biggest shockers.

  9. Garen says:

    And no Spurs…What a shocker.

  10. hamdialdubaishi says:

    03-04 Pistions are the greatest starting 5 without a superstar..just a bunch of guys doing work..Deeeetroit Baaasketbaaaaall

  11. WillAlwaysBeATMACFan says:

    The last pic gave me goosebumps (excluding dwight)., I wonder if the magic would even be included in this article if it wasn’t for Mcgrady. Take off Kobe off that Lakers team and they still got Shaq (and vice versa), Take one off the Spurs’ big 3 and you still got 2, the same goes with the Pistons, Heat, Mavs, Suns, Kings, Nets and Celtics. Iverson’s teammates in Philly are pretty good too. As well as Lebron’s Cavs. But take Mcgrady off that ’01-’04 magic rosters and what would you get? None. (lottery picks perhaps).

  12. David says:

    What about Indiana?

  13. jdub455 says:

    without any doubt, lakers and sacramento!!!! kings team with jwil/bibby, peja, cweb, vlade and adelman at the helm was a very very fun team to watch… just had bad breaks esp against the more “marketable” lakers.. NBA is still a business u see…