What did your NBA team sell for?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The folks at Hardwood Paroxysm had an interesting post earlier this week about the evolving nature of NBA ownership. Basically, the article delves into the history of each NBA franchise, examining how each team ended up with its current owner or ownership group, and how those owners made their fortunes.

It’s an interesting article and well worth your time, but one of the most interesting bits is this chart that shows what each team sold for. Obviously, inflation has played a part in the team’s prices rising, but more importantly you can see how the overall strength of the NBA has contributed to franchise values going through the roof.



  1. zhiggi ray says:

    wow knicks was worth 1.1b at one time?? damn….

  2. Interesting to see the big jumps in team values from 1985-1988, and especially 1995-1998

  3. jumppong says:

    2 bill for the clippers?? wow might as well they have their own court arena

  4. Thomas says:

    * Everything in New York is complicated. The $1.1 Billion Knicks sale price listed in the chart included multiple business holdings (the Knicks, the Rangers and the MSG Network) and was split between Cablevision and the ITT Corporation. The ownership of the team has been restructured several times since 1994, but the Dolan family has pretty much remained in charge. The $1.1 Billion price tag was the only definitive sale price available.

  5. mula saag says:

    only 2 bilion dollar??? I could have bought in $10 billion dollar for whole NBA teams. chirippa parum jasto..