Charles Barkley takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yet another Dream Team member has followed the lead of Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing: Charles Barkley. Watch out for the marshmallows…

VIDEO: Barkley Challenge


  1. lbj says:

    Charles Barkely taking the ALS Ice Challenge and challenging Kevin from Sacramento won’t give you any ring. You need to play with our “king” LeBron and take his challenge to follow his lea for your 1st ever championship ring. We will trade veterans host Larry O’Brien to NBA news crew.

  2. TheKush says:

    Sir Charles got it good!

  3. Zeitgeist says:

    dear admin, please ban that lbj dummkopf !

  4. ekser says:

    lbj, you really are sad case. you need help and your sorry king, too. would never get ring if he did not join DWade.

  5. Shaqy says:

    New Orleans will make the playoffs….Asik put them over the hump

  6. IC says:

    “lbj” your’e a funny guy and I like your posts! Keep it up!

  7. Gilbert Arenas says:

    Chuck, how much you make a year?

  8. IrieChat says:

    LBJ is the most entertaining commentator within this forum and believe it or not as much as he references Future All Of Fame Norris Cole is always an Highlight to see. It is all in good fun guys and if you all didn’t notice you would not have commented, and that’s a Rap let LBJ keep on doing what he is doing, laughter is good for the heart.

    • charless702 says:

      Yeah it was funny at first but you have to admit they’ve become pretty stale over the last few months. Maybe it’s because Norris Cole isn’t a Cav or because Lebron got beat down in the Finals. IDK but it’s lost its kick. It’s like he’s running out of clever things to say so now he’s just randomly putting words together. I’d be willing to bet Larry O’Brien died before lbj was even born.

  9. Scisca says:

    He should take the KFC chicken bucket challenge!

  10. pat oslon says:


  11. Abraham Rullamas says:

    I love it Chuck!!! Keep it up man.

  12. Bulk says:

    So dumb to challenge somebody to waste water to avoid donating.

    • charless702 says:

      Yeah but if everyone donated the challenge would have been over within 24 hours. Also most of the people that take the challenge also donate money anyway. The whole point of doing this was to raise awareness. Regardless you can’t challenge somebody to donate money to charity or research, you should donate money because you want to.

  13. mnmike says:

    Sir Charles is a good sport.

  14. firstladyjoy says:

    Most people are doing the ice bucket challenge AND donating. They’ve raised $40 million so far. So no, it’s not dumb…

    • charless702 says:

      It’s not dumb if you look at them raising awareness, however challenging someone to donate money is pretty dumb. What ever happened to doing good things and helping your community and fellow man because you were a good person? This ice bucket challenge is just a fad and I’d hate for donating to charities or medical research to become a fad as well. Regardless people should donate and/or help others because they are able to and because they want to, not because someone challenged them and because it’s the “in” thing to do right now.

  15. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    Keep the stupid lbj guy! he is darn funny! don’t bother anyone! I mean that’s his thing!