Marcus Smart throws out first pitch at Fenway

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball must be a terrifying experience — you’re standing out there on the mound, all alone, with everyone focused on you. We’ve seen in the past things go well, and we’ve seen things go not so well.

The Celtics had a camera crew follow rookie guard Marcus Smart last night as he went to a Red Sox game to throw out the first pitch. And while he admits several times to being nervous, we might have a new contender for the best first pitch of the summer thus far…

VIDEO: Smart Pitch

One Comment

  1. tzvi go raptors/leafs says:

    hey, nice pitch marcus, but seriously guys,plz put up the catcher. I mean I’d rather have the catcher take my, on behalf of everyone who threw out a 1st pitch,plz,put up the catcher.