LeBron, Kyrie, welcome Kevin Love to Cleveland

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After weeks of rumors, Kevin Love was finally traded this weekend to the Cleveland Cavaliers. And no sooner was the deal announced then his new teammates, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, too to social media to welcome Love to town. (Of course, Love and Irving have worked together before.)


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  1. Nice to see Kevin love on cleveland cavaliers.
    And other player like Mike miller and Shawn marion. Number 1 comtender for nba title
    Mabuhay cavaliers

    • HNIC says:

      Not without defense, Didn’t work for the Suns, won’t work for The Cavs.

    • HNIC says:

      HA! not without Defense, they have no rim protection either, so any western team will just eat them alive….You think they’ll take the griz in seven? Spurs? OKC? I won’t even go on. Get out of the East first.

  2. Scisca says:

    They start to look really scary. It’s a bigger and younger version of Miami. If they land a decent Center at some point, they’ll become unstoppable.

  3. TJ says:

    Kevin Love will raise Cavs’ defense to another level.

  4. Keenan says:

    Not Just Cleveland. OKC, Spurs, Maybe even Bulls ( D-Rose healthy) have good chances of winning NBA title.

  5. Keenan says:

    They will spank the “Griz” in 4, Possibly beat Spurs, and hurt OKC!#⃣dominate

  6. RICHIE says:

    tough to think about it, but they are still not better than the top 4 west teams, it takes more than offense to beat a team like the Spurs…..

  7. bino16 says:

    hahahaha..all of the cleveland cavaliers hater…ur biggest nightmare will be soon become…three-peat for the cavaliers…spurs bring it on..

  8. Don Brown -Akron says:

    The Cavs have something that no other Team has?

    The Best Player in the World – Offensively & Defensively…..

    Withe a mix of young and mature ( Wise) players The Cavs will bring Home a National Chamionship.

    San Antonio is talented and well coached but has age against it. It happens to all of us!

    Go Cavs and remember
    when people are saying anything bad about you, it’s when they stop talking about you when you are nothing.!

    Put that on your locker room wall.

    Best- Don Brown