Chris Bosh takes photobombing to Hollywood

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Oh sure, the Miami Heat may have been one of the NBA’s best teams on the floor the last few years, but their teamwork was really on display in their postgame photobombs. We saw everything from cartwheels to wheelbarrows from the Heat, but the unifying factor was really Chris Bosh‘s work in the enterprise. As often as we saw LeBron James or Dwyane Wade involved, it was always Bosh who seemed to really love popping into photos and videos.

With LeBron gone to Cleveland, Bosh may be forced to play a different role for the Heat this season. Some things, however, seem to never change, as we can see from this moment at last night’s Emmy Awards. Check out Emmy nominee Matthew McConaughey being interviewed on E!, as guess who pops up in the background? Alright, alright, alright…

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  1. Juan says:

    Bosh is a great person and player , miami heat deserve count with him , beside he has to work harder under the ring

  2. Adri says:

    Bosh is a nightmare. Without LBJ he is nobody. You will se this season. Miami will have difficulty even to make the PLAY-OFFS. There are a bunch of old dogs (Bosh, Haslem, Rio, Granger). This team lost everything since LBJ decided to walk away. Sorry Miami

    • Boki says:

      Hey adri, you are just a no brainer, you dont know anything about basketball. Miami will surely be at the playoffs even without lebron. And by the way, lbj was just got blown by kawhi last finals. Haha

    • I'm Right says:

      3rd seed is between Miami and Toronto…
      and Lebron played well in the finals… the team couldn’t respond to Popovic’s adjustments
      … oh yah Deng will likely start not Granger… and Josh Mcroberts likely not Haslem

  3. nbafan says:

    Hey Adri I bet you dont watch NBA games that much you just say what you saw when LBJ in Miami,
    well better go to the library and rent all CB game when he was in Toronto.
    Big 3 is all about LBJ meaning playing time, ball time and decision time is all LBJ.
    If your LBJ fan He is a good player no doubt but HE IS VERY WICK UNDER PRESSURE..
    Thats why he need d-wade and bosh…..

    • norman says:

      He is not weak… he fades away. Check his stat game 5 where he scores at 1st quarter then faded from 2nd to 3rd (not counting 4th since they conceded already. They are saying that he did not get support but he did not really put much effort anyway when spurs caught up with the heat

    • Stanley says:

      @nbafan i agree with you. its just a matter of time where bosh and dwade lose confident because lbj is the main guy. I think he will do much better by playing alone. Im a lebron fan ever since i know about basketball. i dont cheer for teams, im just a one player fan

  4. jason o says:

    Go to the library and rent some games ? LMAO

  5. nba says:

    im a lebron james fan but, i admire bosh cause he did help james a lot cause of bosh james had open spot to go to the rim without bosh the would not won game 6 vs the spurs

  6. P.O.A.T. says:

    I can see him becoming the best photobomber of all times.

  7. you all forget for dwade try free agency bosh haslem, to lure lebron to miami again. but what lbh did? left hoping cleveland can give him more rings? dream again LBJ

  8. CB40 says:

    Why does his face look like the Iron Man mask in this picture? 🙂

  9. boshi says:

    dwade and bosh gonna win the championship even without lebron

  10. Flexy says:

    I know Bosh will step up this year, he was the man on the Raps and will be the man once again. Even tho the last five seasons have not looked so good for him having to play second fiddle would do that to any superstar. He will get his swag back, Miami will be the ones to make the Cavs MIA from the playoffs

  11. DFresh says:

    CB is the real deal, look how many times he carried the raptors to the playoffs. and even with lebron gone he has a better team than when he was in toronto. they will be in the playoffs. how far they go we’ll just have to wait and see because the bulls cavs wiz and raptors are the teams i think will likely make it out of the first round.

    and bosh was the perfect player to compliment lebron because they play so well together on both ends of the floor. love has some work to do on the defensive end.

  12. toronto says:

    Are all the people thinking Bosh will step-up and make the Heat a contender serious? Idiot did nothing for the raptors in his prime, what the hell do you think he will do now? He can put up numbers, sure, but he is not a focal point that one can count on. If Dwade is very healthy, then maybe they might make a small splash but if the finals proved anything is that unless they can get more production from the bench – the Heat are done for.

  13. CNOTE says: