Paul George and Roy Hibbert go fishing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We know the Pacers like to go fishing — and I mean that in the literal sense, not in terms of losing during the playoffs. Last season, while stumbling through the playoffs, Pacers players Roy Hibbert, Paul George and George Hill actually went fishing to help get away from it all and have some fun.

This summer hasn’t been great for the Pacers, either. Lance Stephenson left to play in Charlotte, and Paul George suffered a compound leg fracture while playing for Team USA that will keep him out for at least the upcoming season. So how to get away from it all? Why not go fishing?

That’s what George and Hibbert did yesterday. Well, first Hibbert sat in George’s Ferrari…

I'm in @ygtrece car!!!!

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Then they got in a boat and went fishing…

Lake day with the bros and pops… #onelegcandoalot

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Hang on to your hat, Roy…

Fishing with the boys @ygtrece @ricemoss n PG pops.

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  1. Jake da rake says:

    Man they didnt catch anything though

  2. carmelo.a says:

    paul george and roy hibbert should not go fishing they should join “king” anthony in new york we will trade iman shumpert and shane larkin so they can get a ring!

  3. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    @ carmelo.a
    dude don’t do that. that is lbj’s thing. Besides nobody hates Melo and we don’t wanna hate him either, We respect him for trying to build and not buy! I’m glad he didn’t go to Chicago or Miami. Hope he win before Leflop does in Cleveland. I wanted to respect Leflop but I saw right away that he did the same thing he did 4 years ago! Let us buy a ring!!!!! I can’t wait to see them fail and start calling out/blame each other. The T-Wolves owner was right but the stupid media love to blow things out of proportion and seems to want to be protecting their Queen LBJ now after they had polarized him.