Do it for the Vine, LaVine

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out the dunking exploits of new Wolves rookie Zach LaVine, All Ball guru Lang Whitaker has already provided the proper introduction.

What I’m going to do is take this a BIG step forward: Given what I’ve seen from this UCLA skywalker, both on the collegiate level and in the early stages of his NBA career, I’m going out on a limb to say that LaVine will go down as one of the best dunkers we’ve ever seen in the NBA.

You know what? As blasphemous as it may sound, LaVine might be the most exciting we’ve ever seen when it’s all said and done. Write it down. Take a picture. Hang it on your refrigerator.

I know, I know, I know. The man hasn’t even taken his first dribble in a meaningful professional game. But let’s take a quick look at why LaVine is and will be the new standard bearer of slam:

Height: The first — and quite frankly, only — names that come to mind in comparison to the air that LaVine gets is Vince Carter in his early days and Gerald Green of today. We’re talking nose-high level to the rim. Getting that kind of elevation definitely has an impact on …

Style: Nothing makes a dunk stand out quite like flair. In LaVine’s case, he has a great deal of smoothness and airborne creativity about him. As mentioned before, his crazy hang time allows him to do things in the air that run-of-the-mill dunkers just don’t have the time to pull off.

The perfect blend of these two factors? How about a windmill from the free-throw line. Yes, you read that right. The free-throw line. Allow that to marinate while we wait for the upcoming season.

And you know what sets this all off? He’s just getting started. We’ll definitely be watching, Zach. Both up in Minnesota and at NBA All-Star 2015 in New York, where we assume you’ll be taking center stage in the Sprite Dunk Contest.

VIDEO: Zach LaVine puts on a dunk show at Summer League



  1. cirquemedia says:

    Lang… Perhaps you’ve read my list 😉

  2. cirquemedia says:

    Lemont / Lang >>> perhaps you’ve read my list! Sounds very much to be true >>>

  3. TheKush says:

    I’m definitely going to watch some Minnesota games this season

  4. Markimatarki says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO F###ing way, he´ll be more exciting and entertaining than Vince and/or Gerald Green sry, ya wrong on that!

  5. Nba Dunks says:

    Pretty ridiculous dunks, a forgotten dunker….James White check out some videos of his from overseas dunk contests.

  6. Tatum says:

    Minnesota is going to be the new LOB CITY, TRUST ME. Wiggins, Bennett, and Young can get up also. Should be fun to watch.

  7. Tremill says:

    Uhm… thats nutty!! Dude literally has springs in his legs! But just like jeremy evans… he needs to work on his overall game. Gain some weight work on ur shot and he could be pretty nice!

  8. Kobe says:

    Is that a Dunk? – Vince Carter 15

  9. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Careful Mr Lemont – that’s a bit full on to swallow. Not cause he gets up. Truth is that the dude gets up like very few, but he won’t have too many open spots like a layup line in a game and fast breaks, while they happen, won’t be that many per game. Zach hasn’t proven that he can posterize yet. Even Gerald Green has very few poster dunks, he is a fast break dude. You forgot to mention the likes of Blake Griffin, Paul George (when he returns) and co when talking about the best “right now” dunkers…for shame! And while he’s not the dunker Vince was, talking about guys who still play but don’t get up anymore, what about Kobe?
    These guys all have posters of creative dunks ON players, plus their fair share of fast break dunks. Until Zach can prove he can do these dunks ON people, he does not belong in the conversation of “best dunkers” – that list includes (other than current players Vince Carter, Kobe) Dominic Wilkins, Dr. J, and His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan. Show some respect bro.

    • Lezerick says:

      Zach is insanely talented he has great offensive skills already all I can say is I wouldnt want to play timberwolves next year uptempo rubio lavine wiggins fast breaks is gone be sick then u add the factor rubio lead league in steals wiggins plays gd defense now and then thad young lead league in steals for bigs play great d get on fastbreak the will be a season that changes the way the Nba see the wolves differently but if the suns can turn it around we definitely can

  10. Mn4daWin says:

    the Wolves gonna be fun to watch with Rubio & all these high flyers around him!

  11. Duane says:

    It is amazing how quick we can forget sometimes. Let us all take a moment and youtube Vince Carter’s top 100 IN-GAME dunks. Then let that marinate.

  12. choikobai says:

    can’t wait plays like ‘a lob from Rubio, and LaVine throws it down!!!’

  13. al says:

    how does shawn kemp get left out of this???!

  14. Joe says:

    Ummmm…yes hes a great dunker…but he was a full foot or two in front of the Foul line when he did the windmill….so a windmill dunk from the free trow line is alot of what you write.

  15. Mark k says:

    Two words – James white!!!!

    He’s done everything this kid has done period. I know he disappointed at the dunk contest but he’s still one of the best Dunkers

  16. Rdub says:

    How can you mention this kid and Vinsanity in the same sentence??? Do you hang with Josh Gordon? You MUST be smoking something…

  17. mike says:

    better dunker than me