Weddings in Ohio incorporate LeBron’s powder toss

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For most people, their wedding day is the greatest day of their lives, a time to celebrate and make memories for the future. And how better to do that than by incorporating a signature move from LeBron James?

That is what is happening in Ohio, at least. As our friends at Ball Don’t Lie have pointed out, more than one wedding in Ohio has ended with a celebratory powder toss, the move LeBron just recently said he couldn’t wait to bring back this season. So why not help him by bringing it back a bit early?

Here’s two examples. First, at a wedding in Cleveland…

VIDEO: Wedding toss

Then, at a wedding in Akron, where everyone gets involved…


(via BDL)


  1. Tatum says:

    That was the coolest!

  2. Travis Best says:

    “lbj” where you at runt

  3. shontellb3 says:

    That is awesome!!! The King is finally home and everybody is loving it 🙂

  4. RICHIE says:

    That looks great! enjoy it while you can, the Spurs will calm you folks down soon enough

    • IBeenACavsFan says:

      Lol dont think so……Loving my team. All eyes are on us and everybody got something to say. Believe me their ready. I do see us playing the spurs in the finals

      • Rich says:

        Good luck, that will definitely be a great series, I’m looking forward to it, the Cavs do look exciting but everybody is underestimating Greg Popovich, im sure he has a plan to get them boys tired like he did with Miami, watch and see how they diffuse the Cavs, you will WITNESS THAT!

    • Zolock says:

      No they won`t. Spurs gonna lose.

    • sally says:

      let’s not get cocky now, two in a row is not an easy thing to do unless you have a Lebron James on your team, I don’t think the Texas boy could pull off two in a row with all the old fogeys they got ….sorry dude, it will be Cleveland

      • Rich says:

        Im a real Heat fan, not a fake one, since the team came into existence, but if Bosh doesn’t get that rebound, and Ray Allen doe snot hit that lucky 3-pointer we would be 1 of 4, we dodged a big bullet, one thing you are forgetting my friend is the best player in the world needs a better coach because as you can see even if you have the best player in the world, you still need the best coach to direct him, no best player Jordan included could do anything without the best coach or his players. Lets see how Lebron plays chess with checkers pieces

    • Kobe says:

      No they wont! back to back title is not in their vocabulary! TRUE STORY!

      • Rich says:

        There is always a first time, and there is no hate for Lebron at all, Im sure these folks are great people its just the fact that Lebron comes and goes like a bad girlfriend makes fans hate that part of him, other than that obviously who wouldn’t want the best player on there team, but to be 100% honest with you, I would rather have the best team on the planet that is willing to compete year after year , than an undecided best player, that leaves you with nothing to plan for in the future, what matters most gentlemen is consistency and the consistency Lebron has shown is he cant make his mind up, Cav fans enjoy him while you can, he may run on you in the face of adversity, and that to me is not a real champion, he has no Heart!!!!

    • RS says:

      Why all the hate? These people are enjoying their wedding and favorite player. It is only baskbetball, man. Chill!

    • spurs_equal_dinosaurs says:


  5. vincent says:

    i can see they’ve had enough losing that theyre happy hes back

  6. Matthew says:

    …. Spurs will calm them down? Spurs are the team to team to beat… but really. James / Love / Irving? I can’t dismiss Duncan / Leonard / Parker…Cleveland has the perfect storm. I’m not a Cavs fan… but wow. Spurs are going to be nervous

  7. MackDaddy says:

    Why not :).

    I’d be happy too if Lebron came to my city to play. Live it up Cleveland… why not!

    Haters will hate, but any… and I mean ANY basketball fan would love James on their side.

  8. reddogg33 says:

    You mean the “powder toss” James stole from Michael Jordan? Also,the chase-down rejection,was Jordan’s too! Just some history for you…….