Klay Thompson is really dedicated to his fantasy football draft

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night a friend invited me to go with him to the Braves/Mets game at Citi Field. I’m a Braves fan, but because I live in New York, I don’t all that many chances to see them play in person. Normally, I would have jumped at the chance…but I hesitated because I remembered last night was also the night of my fantasy football draft. And as anyone who has ever played any fantasy sport — basketball, football, baseball, doesn’t matter — there really isn’t much worse than letting the computer auto-draft your team and winding up with a bunch of players you don’t want, or a bunch of guys who play the same position.

Lucky for me, I was wrong about my draft date — it is tonight — so I was able to get out and enjoy a baseball game on a nice evening. But being present for your fantasy draft sometimes takes extreme measures.

Take, for instance, Golden State guard Klay Thompson, who is currently in Bilbao, Spain, prepping for the FIBA Basketball World Cup as a member of Team USA. Despite being half a world and about a dozen time zones from home, Thompson woke up at 5:30 AM in order to take part in his fantasy football draft. As he wrote in the caption, he doesn’t trust the auto draft. Smart man.

(via HP)


  1. Willi Billy Imre Sinte says:

    He probably stayed up till 5.30 am.
    5.30 am in Bilbao is still evening in America.

    • lbj says:

      Klay Thompson dedicating to play football, softball or volleyball won’t give him a ring. He needs to play real basketball with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland. We will trade Joe Harris, James Jones and future hall of famer Norris Cole to Golden States Warriors!

  2. Travis Best says:

    “lbj” on that norris dong again