Nik Stauskas is an incredible shooter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Kings rookie Nik Stauskas has yet to play in an actual NBA game yet, but he hasn’t stopped getting ready for the big leagues. Known as one of the best shooters in college while at Michigan, now he’s working on his NBA three-point range, and judging from this video, when he goes 15-for-15 in just 46 seconds, Stauskas seems to have found the range.

VIDEO: Stauskas shooting

(via SLAM)


  1. Mysterious 1 says:

    CANADA in the house 😀

  2. On FIRE!!! says:

    One of Canada’s finest. Next Steve Nash? 2-Time MVP?? Only time will tell.

  3. "Splash" Stauskas says:

    I have to say, the fact that he shot THAT EFFICIENTLY and barely made a sound could signify a true Shooting Guard if utilized properly. Hope he has the body to compete and I say come play for Toronto lol

  4. uku says:

    I love Stauskas, but hate people with VVS syndrome.

  5. Eaham says:

    lmaoo good player but playing for the Kings. Sacramento destroys players, just ask Tyreke evans and Jimmer frdette. BYebye Stauskus, it was nice knowing you

    • Isaiah Thomas says:

      @Eaham. Ask me and I’d say they did wonders for my career. From last pick in the draft to $27 M over 4 years.

      • grantland says:

        no you cannot attribute thomas’s success to Kings. Kings repeatedly put thomas on bench and stubbornly refused to play him. like choosing jimmer over thomas. choosing collison over thomas.

    • kings fan says:

      Tyreke evans destroyed his own career. he had the opportunity and did very well his first year. then just started declining. as for jimmer, i hate to say it but hes just too small to be a shooting guard

      i think his release isnt too bad. these are just warm up shots. as for being the best shooting guard, hes going to have to imporve more than just shooting. defense, and a more all around game will need to improve

  6. Yusa says:

    If this kid improve his release faster and efficiently he would be a good fit in any team in the NBA and might be the one of the best shooting guard.

  7. navej says:

    It’s all about DIP, SWEEP&SWAY and the FINGER Release = Pro Shot Shooting System !!!

  8. trollinvasion says:

    not impressed, i can do that i 45 seconds, with a nice finish victory pose of 3 seconds

  9. RealBaller says:

    Beast. Now with game pressure hopefully he can be that efficient. Don’t think he touched the Rim at all on any of those lol

  10. He traveled on EVERY shot

  11. Coach G says:

    Nik, learn to shoot without hopping (travelling). What’s the old adage? Ball in the air; feet in the air. It will also speed up your release.


  12. He could be the next NBA three-pointer, however his release it is so weak and slow. He must be a catch and shoot player if not I suggest to work on that.

  13. wkf says:

    Yep, travelled on EVERY shot; everything else looks pretty nice though