Damian Lillard in new trailer for NBA Live 15

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week we saw the release of a new trailer for NBA 2K15, and now EA Sports has released the new trailer for their upcoming NBA title, NBA Live 15. Live, out in October, is covered by Portland’s Damian Lillard, and he also plays a starring role in this new trailer…

VIDEO: Lillard Live


  1. en. says:


  2. Sendyouone says:

    (en.) You are just jealous. he is now being recognized.

  3. yearofthenobeard says:

    Lillard(together with LMA) totally owned the Rockets in round 1 of the playoffs. Lillard is NOT overated. Expect to see more of his game6 clutch shots to win the game in the future

  4. GodSaveTheKing says:

    the best young PG in NBA