Cavs fans recite LeBron’s coming home essay

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When LeBron James announced that he was leaving the Miami Heat and returning to his native Ohio and the Cleveland Cavaliers, he did so via a first-person essay in Sports Illustrated. Now, the NBA has posted a video of Ohio residents and Cavaliers fans reciting LeBron’s essay, and it’s a pretty cool watch. Powder tosses for everyone

VIDEO: LeBron Homecoming (via


  1. lbj says:

    Reciting our “king” LeBron essay coming back to Cleveland will give all the people who recite it a ring. I suggest Kobe should recite it as well and play with our “king” LeBron for his 6th ring to tie up with the 2nd greatest of all time Michael Jordan next to GOAT no other than LeBron!

  2. Got your answer! says:


  3. General says:


  4. I wish u guys all the best with that. But me, I’m still a heat fan. LETS GO DWADE

  5. LebRUN says:


  6. Chill-E says:

    …that self indulgent letter is a joke to begin with, the emotional montage is as bad.

  7. LOLS says:

    LOL to whoever thinks he actually wrote that letter….

    • Dave says:

      Well seeing as how someone else wrote it as LeBron dictated it to them, no noone should think he wrote it.

      Go hate somewhere else….

  8. Benjie says:

    He will not win a title without dwade on his wing. Irving nor love is not Dwade nor bosh. But good luck to that lebron ,I’m still a heat fan .Dwade for life.

  9. Mj says:

    God would be sad at this video … how many know , recite and follow his word(bible) . If you believe in Jesus Christ don’t replace your only real King .

    • LetItREIGN says:

      Amen! The only King I know is my lord and savior Jesus Christ and God’s words through the New King James Bible!

      • Steve says:

        Wrong. Jesus is king of kings. That means there are earthly kings as well. Stop bearing false witness.

    • Jaamnoo says:

      keep your church and “king” where he belongs… it’s just a nickname dude. For christ sake…. oeps… sorry

  10. vin esguerra says:

    LOL at the guy comparing Jesus Christ to Lebron!!!

    God will be sad at your comparison, NEVER compare HIM to anyone or anything

  11. Machine Jones says:

    LeBron can’t be touched by Jordan, Durant, or any other great. LeBron is the King for a reason. And the only higher power than a king is God level. And he’s close to it.

  12. darric says:

    Mj never lost in the finals hand down best ever LeBron will even tell u that

  13. Dennie says:

    This is his time soon another will emerge

  14. mikeius1989 says:

    I really think us people have zero basketball education. You were asked who pose the greatest threat for USA in this mudobasket and you seriously plaed argentina and brazil above greece.
    now here is the deal, one who understands basic basketball would realize that argentina and brazil are actually bad teams. the reason why you think otherwise is because they have nba players.. this is just pathetic, it shows lack of understanding of the game.

  15. Denny says:

    if Lebron is king.. then MJ is GOD. i am old enough to say i watched nba in the 80’s till now… Michael Jordan Is the BEST EVER. NO Question.

  16. Denny says:

    but i must say… if it wasn’t for Scottie Pippen…

  17. GodSaveTheKing says:

    Kobe you must to understand, Lebron is the GOAT!

  18. blazetheendlessblaze says:

    You think the Heat would have lost 4-1 to the Spurs if 29-year-old MJ had come in for Lebron?

  19. mj the goat says:

    Lebron is by far better than kobe so stop with the debate. Kobe is mjs mini me, sorry lakers fans and as for buying rings lakers got shaqu, gasol, ariza, artest, rodman, howard, nash, kareem etc knone were drafted so who’sbought rings

  20. Jimmy Buckets says:

    All total CRAPPPPP!!!! LBJ told Cleveland to shove it, told Miami to shove it, just stop it dude!

  21. mat says:

    okay so now they don’t hate him anymore.

  22. Buddy says:

    lebron is taking it to the next level. beyond MJ. IF he wins one (just 1) in Cleveland he will be crowned by the majority as the “best ever”

    • Jaamnoo says:

      AS it should… MJ is the goat but there is no one who comes closer to him than lebron… unless Lebron leaves Cleveland ….again 🙂

  23. Old skool says:

    Cant believe you guys are STILL comparing LeBron with MJ.


    It is like comparing a kitten with a lion.

    Even Kobe is milesssss away from MJ.

  24. Seriously? says:

    Yo, I’m gonna say 1 thing: WHERE IS THE REAL CLEVELAND? Black or African American: 53.3%; White: 37.3% (33.4% Non-Hispanic Whites) [according to a 2010 census]
    this video is about 90% white. wtf

  25. ylfeitas says:

    I still think Lebron is a great player but he hasn’t gone to that next level. That level in taking over a game when you need him is hard to find. Ray gave a ring with that shot of game 6, Young Thunders Team, that’s all. Know he goes to Cavs calling all the players in the NBA to join him LOL what a joke of a player.

  26. ylfeitas says:

    He should of called players before leaving CAVS to join him.

  27. El Stone says:

    I hope LeBron “Three Times Finals Loser” James makes it to the Finals this year.

    He’ll have to change his nickname! Ha ha ha.

  28. Flibbity says:

    The Kobe hate is amazing.
    MJ was the best in his era. Kobe was the best in his era. LeBron is the best now.
    Taking credit away from any of them makes no sense.
    If I had to pick LeBron or Kobe in their primes for my fantasy team, it’d be Kobe hands down. The man is a killer when it comes to competition. Say he “copied” MJ and ill say “so what?” You want to be the best, then learn from other greats before you, since they knew how to win. Nothing wrong with that at all…

  29. Owenskie says:

    Get a life!

  30. trollinvasion says:

    it’s sad that honnest and naive people actually think that lebron james has anything to do with that letter.10 commercial guys and marchandising boys did it, then he signed it, like he signed his contract.
    BUT, i think he is a good guy for real. he is at his place in cleveland. so be happy clevelanders but don’t eat everything the business guys tell you to eat.

  31. ballHQ says:

    There are standards in every walk of life to which all men aspire to. That said, and as far as basketball goes, MJ is that standard. Period !! Some folks here calling Kobe, “MJ’s Mini Me” are quite right. It’s plain to see that Kobe modelled his game for the most part off of MJ. I think Lebron is a great player, but not quite as great as either MJ or Kobe. Lbj is yet to demonstrate his ability to take a team(whichever one he chooses to take his talent to) to the finals and exert himself in the game/series. Lbj’s legacy will always be below those of MJ and Kobe.

  32. LeBron James says:

    Guys c’mon I’m not a king, i’m just another flopper who buys rings and persuades guys to join me to win rings and I’m nowhere near as good as MJ.