Throwback Thursday: All-time steals leaders

VIDEO: Best Point Guards: John Stockton

Welcome to Throwback Thursday here on the All Ball Blog. Each week, we’ll delve into the NBA’s photo archives and uncover a topic and some great images from way back when. Hit us up here if you have suggestions for a future TBT on All Ball.

Today’s Topic: All-Time Steals Leaders

Throwback Thursday begins a new series today as we shift our focus to All-Time Statistical leaders. We will look back at the best players in NBA history at each of the major statistical categories.

This week we countdown the Top 10 all-time steals leaders.

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon below the photo for details about each moment.)

Gallery: TBT: All-Time Steals Leaders

If you had to count on one player to get you a clutch steal, who out of these ten players would you pick? Leave your comments below!


  1. Faba says:

    Jordan. Just remember the clutch steal on Karl Malone in the Finals before hitting the winning shot!

  2. Justin says:

    The shot he hit after pushing off of Byron Russell? I do remember that. (Sorry, I’m a bitter Jazz fan)

  3. Faba says:

    @justin; He barerly touched him haha! Kenny Smith said it best; he guided Byron Russel with his hand when he crossed him;)

  4. lightklasONE says:

    Go to Mookie Blaylock(so Underrated!) ,and don’t forget allen Iverson,Jordan and drexler were amazing intuitive stealer!