Tony Parker is really good — too good? — at trick shots

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have readers from around the world here at, and I think today we could use some of our readers from France to weigh in, because I’m not sure what’s going on in this video.

I mean, on the surface, this is Tony Parker and a man named Rémi Gaillard — who a cursory Wikipedia search reveals is a “French prankster” — in an empty gym making a bunch of amazing trick shots.

But this can’t be real, can it? These are some incredible shots, too good to be believed. Add in the fact that the guy is known as a prankster, and I’m not sure I believe these really happened.

If anyone knows what’s really going on here, let me know in the comments section. Because if this dude can really make shots like this, I know a few NBA teams that could use him…

VIDEO: Trick shots

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  1. Lang, it’s not real.

    They say “We let you decide” on a French web site promoting the video.

    Remi’s first shot already is too long, too flat.

    Btw, video was shot a mile from where I live.


  2. J says:

    You’re dumb if you think these happened.

  3. JAYR says:

    Well, this is obviously the product of a group of amazing video editors, or the production of this video began began prior to Tony’s marriage to Eva Langoria and ended after the arrival of his first child with Axelle Francine. (Given that in this last scene he’s looking a bit on the heavier side, perhaps due to sympathy weight gained.) =D Regardless, fake or real, fun video to watch, and you can bet that after watching this, you’ll be having a handful of people trying these trick shots. Fun Stuff!

  4. guybrush says:

    LOL ! the answer to your question was at the end of the video : “c’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” which roughly translate means “It is by doing anything one becomes anyone”

  5. Rky? says:

    unnnnh check the guy youtube channel and you’ll see same kind of football videos…. nothing is fake….

  6. Rky? says:

    For people today, with the “magic” of special effects and the internet, everything is fake, unreal, a big lie. Not everybody is lying too! Take just a few takes to record the good shot….

  7. Croustibat says:

    In my opinion it’s not a fake. Rémi is not only a pranker, he has made a lot of soccer videos with trick shots and the same question comes back everytime : fake or not ?
    Now for this video in particular, I think it’s good to say that Tony and Rémi worked half a day for a minute and a half of footage. Therefore, in my opinion, this is just few successful trick shots out of a lot of missed shots.

  8. darkstylus says:

    Aint nothin TP09 can’t do boyeeeee (well, almost 😉 )

  9. Guillaume says:

    Hi lang,

    This is not a fake. He’s been doing that kind of trick shots videos for a long time and here’s another video that displays his skill set :

  10. Guillaume says:

    Here’s another one, the first one I posted in the comments was the maling-of :

  11. Romain says:

    Guys…Check out Remi Gaillard youtube channel (4millions+ subcribers to date)…you ll be amazed by the pranks, They even made a ‘kid react to’ on Remi in the US.

    I agree with Croustiba….Half a day of shooting for a couple of minutes vids..Not fake, .Btw Remi was a semi-pro soccer player in France hence the soccer skills. He does a lot of trick shot video on his channel. His mario kart video is the most famous (59 millions views!!). The pacman one is a blast. Check it out honestly.

    From France

  12. Romain says:

    Imagine you are the mall and you see that:

  13. Mat says:

    This video is real . Remi Gaillard is very well known for his incredible soccer tricks for years. his videos aren’t fake and he published several “behind the scenes” videos to prove it . take a look at

  14. Awesome1 says:


  15. HES REAL says:


  16. gua says:

    Guys, it’s clearly fake. The balls are attached to wires, which hang from the ceiling. Note how they handle the balls when the camera does not pan out: they scoop them. On the other ones, the camera always pans out before showing them making the shot.

  17. Xavier says:

    Interesting song, what’s the title? Cool video to

  18. trollinvasion says:

    gaillard is real, former profesional soccer player. nothing fake in his shots, youtube them you’ll see.

  19. Calculator says:


  20. Luis Diaz says:

    people today are so ignorant, it called CGI.

  21. jacknohara says:

    This french dude is not a very good prankster, everybody knows that the #1 prankster is Muscle Man!

  22. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As a French I can tell you that Rémi Gailliard is quite well-known in France for his pranks. So I’m not sure that’s it’s real at all

  23. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Yes it’s true I also forgot his famous vids about his soccer trick shots which are not fake….
    So anyway for this vid with TP it’s hard to know

  24. orelien says:

    Remi gaillard is a guy from my city Montpellier. He makes a lot of videos and soccer’s trick shot. None of his previous videos are fakes. About this one he said it took one afternoon to do it and he’s really happy erveryone think it’s a fake, it’s like a compliment to him.,1047961.php