James Harden falling off a Segway in Barcelona

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Team USA is in Barcelona now with a couple of days off before the knock-out rounds of the FIBA Basketball World Cup start tomorrow. And with some free time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, James Harden decided to take a Segway on an excursion around the town. And apparently a Segway is tougher to ride than one might suspect…

VIDEO: Harden falls

(via r/NBA)


  1. go raps and leafs especially jvr and t-ross says:


  2. trollinvasion says:

    you look to the left, you don’t watch the road james, your close environment, so you crash into it. you know, like your defense. pay attention and they will not score because of you.

  3. OH NOOO!!! says:

    Beard was fully checking out the chick to the left when he lost control — lololololol!!!!! Notice he stopped to chat/give autograph or whatever afterwards… if there were slow mo, you’d really catch it — watch it again!

  4. OH NOOO!!! says:

    –okay… maybe he knew her! But he was def tryna keep up!

  5. lbj says:

    James Harden riding that Segway wont give that Segway it’s first ring… That Segway needs to come play with our ‘king’ King James in Cleveland. Until then, its just gonna be a beat up old Segway

  6. defense says:

    2 free throws.

  7. jiz says:

    Bynum: bowling