Stephen Curry never misses

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While most people thought Team USA would struggle in the FIBA Basketball World Cup without players like Kevin Love, Kevin Durant and Paul George, Team USA managed to mostly sail through the competition behind strong performances from the players on the perimeter, from James Harden to Kyrie Irving to Klay Thompson.

And then there was Stephen Curry. We already knew he was one of the best shooters in the NBA, and Curry cemented that status in Spain, shooting 44 percent on threes. Check out this video below from the NBA’s Youtube channel, in which we see one of Curry’s off-day workouts in Madrid. There’s a reason why he never seems to miss…

VIDEO: Curry shooting


  1. Bartholomew says:

    Stephen can shoot.

  2. The Truth says:

    Proclivity and talent load the gun, belief and work ethic pull the trigger.

  3. lbj says:

    Really? he never misses a shot. If he never misses a shot why he didn’t win a single ring. He needs to play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland for him to get a ring who is shooting 60%+ plus from the field, 50%+ from 3 point area and 85% from foul line!