Throwback Thursday: All-time rebounds leaders

VIDEO: Moses Malone career retrospective

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Today’s Topic: All-Time Rebounds Leaders

We continue our Throwback Thursday All-Time Statistical Leaders series today by looking at the Top 10 all-time rebounds leaders.

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Gallery: TBT: All-time rebounds leaders

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  1. T gas TT ako says:

    no BARKLEY and RODMAN????? WTF

    • Kit says:

      Both great rebounders, but didn’t have the longevity of the players on this list to make into the top ten all-time.

      • Kit says:

        …And didn’t play in the early days of the league when there were vastly higher numbers of shot attempts per game than the modern era. It adds an asterisk to several of the players on this list.

    • Pepe Oicho says:

      This is the “All Time” list. Barkley is 18th on the list all time and Rodman is 22 on the list. Need to know the stats before you post my friend. Garnett and Duncan are the only active players on the list of top 25 and they are numbers 10 and 11 respectively. Probably gonna move up quite a bit this next season.

    • Stretch says:

      We think Rodman and Barkley because they are more recent and we remember them.. Rodman averaged 13+ rebounds for his career. Bill Russel and Wilt averaged over 20! Still, Rodman had a season averaging 18…and he’s in the HOF.

      Barkley averaged 11.7 on his career,

    • OldKGfan says:

      The top 10 rebounders are…
      1. Wilt Chamberlain
      2. Bill Russell
      3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      4. Elvin Hayes
      5. Moses Malone
      6. Karl Malone
      7. Robert Parish
      8. Nate Thurmond
      9. Walt Bellamy
      10. Kevin Garnett
      …Chuck and Dennis are the 18th and 22nd rebounders of all-time.

    • lbj says:

      If your “king” LeBron will focus on number 5 position. He will be the greatest rebounder of all time. He can grab at least 15 boards per game. Right now he is playing 1 to 5 position and already grabbing 8 rebounds a game what more if he focus on number 5!

  2. Sunsman says:

    Useless stats…. rebounds per game across the years and the effect of different styles of play. For example Patrick Ewing, in the prime of his career, played in the slow paced East during the push and shove 90’s, the pace of the game was so slow that it definitely would have affected his stats when you look at total rebounds …. you should be comparing percentage of rebounds available and crunch those numbers to work out who was the best NBA rebounder of all time.

  3. mike jordan says:

    where’s Dennis Rodman?…even in a short career, he rebounded better than anybody in his generation..maybe 4 rebounding titles?