The New James In Miami

VIDEO: James Ennis delivers the boom

Well, that didn’t take long. On just the second day of the 2014-15 season, we already have a dunk worthy of a couple of extra looks.

Enter Miami’s new James, James Ennis.

The Heat rookie officially put his name on the NBA map Wednesday night after finishing off a play that in recent years has become a staple in Miami: the fastbreak. During these recent years, it was usually LeBron James doing the finishing. As we know, his days in South Beach are over.

The days of the Miami posterizer apparently are not.

Oh, Rasual Butler, you didn’t think you were getting off the hook, did you? It’s been said time and time again: taking a charge when in position to potentially get dunked on rarely works. D up or get out of the way! #NoCharges


  1. Trot says:

    One James Goes One James Comes, Miami Heat stays as championship organization……Let’s Go Ennis, Let’s Go Heat

  2. JamesEnnisTheMan says:

    This dude played for my hometown team at Puerto rico and he is so damn good like we all fans every game we all saw a great game from him giving hes 100 % every time even if we were losing by 15 .

    • alleighoops says:

      This dude played for home town team the Perth WILDCATS and he was so damn good he should have been the run away NBL MVP winner… but got robbed!!!! We miss him but what a start to his NBA career, Hopefully he hasnt peaked too soon though.

  3. LoveFromSingapore says:

    Lebron wont be missed after this dunk… for a few moments..

  4. LeggoHeat says:

    The REAL James in MIA, James Ennis!

  5. Jimmy Buckets says:

    hahaha get some Miami., its time to get your respect back…

  6. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    future hall of famer Noris Cole killed it

  7. NBA says:

    Are we really comparing James Ennis to Lebron after one dunk? News Flash: Win back to back titles. Miami’s window for titles has closed if you ask me although they will definitely remain competitive.