Nobody flops like Lance Stephenson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As we’ve chronicled in this space, Lance Stephenson has done some impressive work on the court the last two seasons, particularly when it comes to flopping. (See here and here, for example.) But his latest maneuver may be his best one yet.

In a game against the Warriors this weekend, Lance ran into a screen set by Harrison Barnes. And in what appears to be an attempt to draw a foul, but in actuality is a play for the ages, Lance Stephenson slapped himself in the face…

(via FTW)


  1. dirty says:

    thats dirty

  2. T.N says:

    I hope he gets fined for that.

  3. Sneaky Pete says:

    AHAHA….wow thats a new kind of flop. C’mon lance, get it together man.

  4. Keljoran says:

    technically his arm got pushed to his face by the other guy

  5. paradoxalan says:

    Did he got hit by his own hand? And then he fell?

  6. 23isback says:

    I don’t think it was intentionally, if you look at the way his arms hit the defenders arms, it would appear that he unintentionally hit himself.

  7. Clos says:

    I don’t think that was intentional. He hit himself pretty hard, look at how far back his jaw snaps.

  8. C.S. says:

    Actually, I say no flop. Pay attention to how is arm runs into Barnes inadvertently and just ricochet off his face. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just caught off guard by the whole thing.

  9. Amro says:

    His own hand hits his face. Really funny, Lance.

  10. Another Cavs Fan says:

    loooooooooooooool I dont care what you guys think that’s just hillarious!

    honestly I don’t like cheating but i mean come on…this is just pure entertainment!

    Go Lance lol. I approve and will pay money to watch you flop like this. Heck, I’d say you deserved the call as well!

  11. Zykique says:

    Does he even understand what he is actually doing to himself in terms of reputation, “all star” attributes and professionalism as a player in the NBA. Come on Lance, grow up.

  12. Tee Dee says:

    He should be kicked out of the NBA. He is a disgrace to basketball.

  13. Bahador says:

    I don’t think this is a big deal. It is obvious that the contact with Barnes causes his hand to slap himself in the face, which is really funny, and then the rest we all have seen so many times, where he tries to sell it…It definitely doesn’t deserve a fine and it is not dirty. He does feel the contact ,gets slapped by his hand naturally then does some bad acting.

  14. Skeet says:

    For all you physics majors… look how high his hand had to move for that to be a result of contact with Barnes. This is more bafoonery by one of, if not the biggest actors in the NBA right now. The referees are easily tricked by players these days selling them calls. I guess you can’t blame the guys when they get rewarded. It’s just like people who milk the system for hand-outs in society, why would they stop if they get away with it? (rhetorical)

  15. lookslike says:

    looks like a foul on barnes (moving screen).

  16. Wen says:

    There is a thing called human reaction. When anyone gets hit, even by his/her own hand, there is a DELAYED reaction to avoid from the harmful source. It has to be human nature.

    Good try. But it is not a flop.

  17. pretty funny play says:

    Actually he almost got body checked and slapped himself by accident, look again..

  18. MrSkerg says:

    He can hurt himself.. Thats a flagrant…….

  19. sitii says:

    wahaha , seriously Lance ? c’mon stop the flop please -,-

  20. haha, I love this. That’s how you ball right there. “He slapped me ref, he slapped me!”

  21. RozayBiggs says:

    my n**** coney does it again, greatest flopper of all time lol

  22. KingJames23 says:

    Now that is funny. To all you hating on Lance right now, chill out. He’ll be fined sooner or later…. Thanks god it wasn’t blowing in my ear again LOL

  23. Bhozx Jake says:

    I think this is an intentional, his arm was really pushed to himself by the screen.

  24. leovirburato says:

    I don’t think the slapping was intentional because if it was Lance would have blinked or closed his eyes in anticipation. But instead his eyes were wide open indicating he wasn’t expecting it as in fact his hands was only pushed to his face due to the collision. However, when his hands hit his face already, well, I think that’s when he tried to take advantage of it.

  25. LovantheNBA says:

    Wow, way to shame an NBA player with an article that isn’t even true. He inadvertently hit himself after making contact with the opposition player’s arm. Yes, he went for the sell, because even if it was the other player’s arm but he didn’t flinch the ref wouldn’t call it, gotta sell the foul when you feel contact. You ever play ball?

  26. Leave a Comment says:

    best shaqtin of the year?

  27. BB Fan says:

    Big fat oversell and fail,

    Lance….. grow up and be a real roll model to the kids that watch the game. SMH

  28. damien says:

    the guy’s a f^(kN moron

  29. Josh says:

    I think he just hit himself by mistake honestly… We all know Lance…

  30. jwt7000 says:

    Now that’s a possible Shaqtin A Fool and flop candidate of the year.