Shabazz Napier puts the Nets in a blender

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have yet to break out the Crossover Contest this season, but Miami Heat rookie point guard Shabazz Napier made a case for himself last night. While waiting for Chris Bosh to flash to the basket in the halfcourt offense, and momentarily faced with a Kevin Garnett and Deron Williams double-team, Napier did something remarkable.

There are actually two things to watch on this play…

First, just watch Napier, as he does what is essentially a triple crossover — right to left behind his legs, left to right behind his legs, and then right to left in front of his body, all in the course of about two seconds. Terrific dribbling by Napier.

Second, watch KG and D-Will perform a strange ballet as they negotiate with each other to stay with their defensive assignments. D-Will actually does a full 360, on purpose, because it’s probably the fastest way to get situated back in front of Napier.

And then the Heat turn the ball over. But whatever, it was a great moment. You can see the full video here, or be mesmerized by the Vine below…


  1. tagabukidph says:

    KG is defending Bosh. Bosh placed a screen against DWill, so KG hesitated to guard Napier to avoid leaving him open (a switch). When Bosh starts to roll, DWill gets back on Napier just as KG starts to chase Bosh. Looks like only DWill is the victim of the double-cross here.

    KG is really after Bosh. KG’s presence made DWill disoriented on defense. The slow motion play gives a clear picture of the situation. One thing’s for sure, though: that’s an incredible display of handles.

  2. joe says:

    he turned it over right after he did this