The Sacramento Kings are really into ugly sweaters


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week while I was on vacation, my intrepid colleague Jeff Case served up a link to a story about NBA-themed “ugly” sweaters, which you can order from the NBA Store. Yes, these sweaters are ugly, but intentionally so, as they mock/pay tribute to the tradition of wearing “festive” garb around the holiday season.

One team has decided to aggressively embrace the ugly sweater. The Sacramento Kings recently announced plans for an ugly sweater night when they host the Milwaukee Bucks a week before Christmas.

The best part is how the Kings players seem to be all-in on the ugly sweaters. They produced a stunning photo gallery of their players knitted out in the sweaters, and Ben McLemore even wore his to last night’s TNT game. Take that, James Harden!


  1. Jamaal says:

    The Kings jerseys, arena, and logo are ugly. Should have gone to Seattle.

    • ummm says:

      I think the clippers should move to seattle. Two teams in one city playing in the same arena is ridiculous. The kings have their history with the lakers in the 2000’s, but the clippers have yet to make any history for themselves. No one would miss them except clippers fans, plus they still have the lakers in l.a. to root for and we all get to see a team named supersonics again.