Horry Scale: Beal’s timely tip-in

VIDEO: Beal’s timely tip-in

A road win is a good win. It doesn’t matter if you’re in second place in the conference and your opponent is five games under .500. If you can go into someone else’s building and leave with a ‘W’, it’s a good night.

So Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards won’t be apologizing for the way they pulled out Wednesday’s victory in Orlando, coming back from five points down in the final minute, with the inexperienced Magic leaving time on the clock after an attempted game-winner when they didn’t have to.

And who should apologize for a brilliantly designed and perfectly executed game-winning buzzer-beater?


Beal’s role in the play wasn’t all that difficult. Where the ball was placed, he just had to catch it and lay it in.

It was inbounder Andre Miller who had to loft a perfect pass over 7-footer Dewayne Dedmon. And Miller did just that.


The Magic gave this one away. They were up five with a minute left. After Elfrid Payton stole the ball from Paul Pierce with a three-point lead and 40 seconds left, they didn’t run down the clock, and Tobias Harris got whistled for an offensive foul on a fast break.

After John Wall cut the lead to one, the Magic didn’t use much clock again. And after Victor Oladipo missed a layup, Willie Green committed one of the worst fouls you can commit, a loose-ball foul on your own end of the floor with your opponent in the bonus.

The Magic were lucky that Washington missed two of its three final-minute free throws. But when they had a chance to win the game with the shot clock off, Oladipo launched his game-winning attempt with more than three seconds left on the game clock. That left the Wizards with 0.8 after they grabbed the rebound.


The score was tied, so a bad pass or a blown layup wouldn’t have killed the Wizards. And since the opponent was a non-playoff team, the game didn’t have the importance of one against the Raptors or Cavs.


Beal went with the standard, jumping, sideways chest-bump. Wall, meanwhile, ran through the tunnel like the Wiz had won Game 3 of The Finals.


The play design deserves and ‘A’. The execution too. But this was a tie game against the Magic, so there could have been much higher stakes. Three Horrys.



  1. Kaelon Rodriguez says:

    Oh you seemed to forget the huge flop by wall falling down before any contact with harris as well as the horrible loose ball foul call. Two horrible calls by the ref and john wall deserves a flopping warning for that one.

    • jimathai says:

      haha… don’t hate the playa hate the game… Plenty of bad calls both ways, but those were not 2 of them… Wiz just made the plays when they counted most.

  2. Carver says:

    Schuhmann, how dare you write such one sided article!?

    The toughest schedule so far in the NBA for the Magic and they’re few games below .500! Imagine when it’s gets easier for them and tougher for other teams. Orlando can get to the playoffs! But nooo… Mr. Smarty pants knows it all and has decided Magic are the worst team in the league. Go away, Schuhmann. Stop writing these articles until you show some respect for one of the youngest team in the league and their hard fought game. Imagine them reading this and you totally negating their effort. Great way for them to grow.

    How much more of an idiot can you be, Schuhmann?!