John Wall is not afraid of Liam Neeson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA’s Christmas Day marathon of games is just a few days away, and to help spread the word, specifically for the Wizards/Knicks game, ESPN brought in Liam Neeson, star of the Taken series of movies. With Taken 3 set to debut just after the new year, New York Knicks fan Neeson flexed his impressive “angry man talking on the phone skills” by calling Wizards point guard John Wall and letting him know that this year the Knicks are not playing around. And Wall is all like, “Whatever dude…”

VIDEO: Wall Neeson


  1. vinsanefan says:

    Would be a lot scarier if Liam Neelson wasn’t talking about the Knicks haha.

  2. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    the knicks lol

  3. Jan says:

    Who are the Knicks? Are they the wizards Development League subsidiary or a NHL team? where are they based?

  4. steven says:

    why the knicks. it should be wizards vs raptors, pathetic

  5. lol talking about a team being skilled and accurate and good when they’re 5-25. I didn’t know Liam Neeson was a comedian.