Kids draw pictures of the Chicago Bulls

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On the surface, this seems like a simple enough game: Second and third graders from a Chicago elementary school drew pictures of Chicago Bulls players. Then, the actual Chicago Bulls players looked at the pictures and tried to guess which player was featured in the drawing. Again, simple idea, although it’s safe to say the players struggled the right identifications.

VIDEO: Bulls Kid Picasso 1

VIDEO: Bulls Kid Picasso 2

VIDEO: Bulls Kid Picasso 3


  1. J says:

    I am sorry but i have to say, the last picture those kid painted was more like the presenter than Jimmy Butler. LOL

    • artifex says:

      I went with Kirk on that last one with that dark hair.
      Got Taj Gibson right though first one without hair I could think of.
      Neat idea. And Jimmy was great, not dismissing the pictures, least himself, but pointing at all the painter got included instead of what is wrong.

  2. skinnyskinz says:

    Jimmy Butler kills me. LOL