The Cavs celebrate Kyrie Irving’s big night

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Cleveland Cavaliers have been on a roll lately, adopting a fast-paced offense and heading into last night, they’d won 7 games in a row. That streak looked like it might be in jeopardy last night with the Portland Trail Blazers in town, however, as LeBron James was a late scratch with sprained wrists. But never fear, Kyrie Irving was here. With James gone, the dynamic point guard stepped up and dropped 55 points, including a game-winner with seconds left to play.

After the game, the Cavs gathered in the locker room, and as you can see in this video Kyrie posted on Instagram, they took a few seconds to celebrate Kyrie’s historic night…


  1. Ms. Penny says:

    I think this video is Awesome! It was indeed Kyrie’s night. I mean 55 pts. is an awesome game victory is Huge. With the King being out, the Prince stepped up to take on the challenge. I love you Kyrie Irving! I’m glad to have you representing my team. I look forward to many more victories from this team. We are behind you all rooting for you daily. I cannot wait to witness a Championship one day soon in Cleveland.

    Congrats Irving!


  2. Hi,

    Isn’t Kyrie Irving a Point Guard? A Point Guard who by its very definition: The PG’s main purpose is to allocate the ball, and set his teammates up for success?

    A Point Guard scoring 55pts. speaks volumes on why this team will not make it far in the playoffs.


    • thespectator says:

      lol shut up ya moron, dude dropped 55 points…give him his props and keep it moving

    • Omg says:

      I agree
      He’s a point guard. He took 40 shots. Again ……. 40 frigging shots!!!!!!
      That is why they won’t succeed.
      Should a have got rondo

      • tuplalfred says:

        really Omg, and Wayne you didn’t watch the game, I was there and saw what happened, Kyrie saved the day, he carried the Cavs by himself

    • John says:

      if derrick rose scores 50 you guys wont say a word. but why talk crap when kyrie does it? get a life

    • StickToHockey says:

      Name the last PG driven team to win an NBA championship? Magic’s Lakers in the 80s? An argument can be made for the Spurs with Tony Parker in 2007, but their offense runs as much through Ginobli & Duncan as it does Parker. Lebron didn’t need a PG in Miami, Kobe didn’t need one in LA, & Michael didn’t need one in CHI. With Lebron often playing point-forward it’s up to Kyrie to play off the ball as a SG at times, a role he’s been playing well lately. This may be an era of great PGs in the NBA, but historically a dominant PG has not been a requirement to winning a championship.

    • ism says:

      If 55 points by Kyrie is the one reason you pick for the Cavs not making it far you are not exactly a bball-brain.

  3. Dear Spectator,

    Yes, I reminisce over the great 55 pt. games Earvin Magic Johnson had on his championship runs. Magic Johnson had to score 55pts. for his championship teams to win. ( sarcastic).


    • john g says:

      Idk whats more pathetic the fact your hating on a big night for irving and a big win for the cavs or the fact your hiding behind a screen name of the great gretzky. youre pathetic and probably some fat kid who cant even jump an inch off the ground, stick to eating cake, you suck at trying to act like you know what youre talking about. Thanks

  4. Dourivan Abreu says:

    OMG. He made not only 55 pts. He made more than 55 percent of his team points in the game. Fantastic! When did it happen before on NBA?

    • ism says:

      Probably a thousand times with even higher numbers. This was a huge scoring night with LBJ missing and on a high efficiency but it was nothing otherworldly. Just superb ;).

  5. Ms. Penny says:

    Hey Gretzky,

    You must not have watched the game. The other players were either scared or couldn’t throw it in the Ocean. So, would you prefer Kyrie just watch them shoot blanks or take your “hot” hand and give the team a chance to win? We only have a few players that shoot good consistently, and one (LBJ) was out with a wrist injury. Making 55 pts. is not easy and he did it under 40 minutes. Take your jealousy Gretzky and go home! Allow people to have success and stop being a Grinch, Christmas is over.

  6. UNCLE DREW says:

    LOL Gretzky, where you were all this Years?? are you living in the 50´s??? The point guards of today´s game are as versatile as any other player at other position and they provide what their team need at the moment. It´s funny that you mention Magic Johnson, one of the most versatile players off all time that play any position lol You, of course, did not watch the game and is your lost because you would just sit back and enjoyed it!! I don´t now if you ever play the game of basketball at high level but just Enjoy, respect the game and the players or else just stick to the Hockey lol


  7. Canadian Fan says:

    UNCLE DREW…One word “punctuation”. Wayne Gretzky…Two words “stupid comment”. Kyrie Irving…Three words “well played Sir”!

  8. Steve Nash could have scored 55pts a game but didn’t wanted to get Amare Stoudemire and Sean Marion (Phoenix Suns Days) some confidence. What did Amare and Sean Marion accomplish after Steve Nash left them?

    What did James Worthy or Byron Scott or Michael Cooper, Vlade Divac achieve after Magic Johnson left?

    Point Guards give others the confidence to succeed. Isiah Thomas made his entire team win back to back championships not by scoring 55pts a game something he could achieve on a nightly basis, but make his teammates better.

    What you Cavs fans are missing is: Kevin Love has become less than an average player with the CAVs. I would say it is because Irving and LeBron are not ready to share the ball or win in Cleveland.

    The Great One has spoken kids,


  9. Agudo says:

    Beware the troll… Good game Kyrie. He has always been a scoring point guard, even from college so not sure what all the hate is about. Still young and still evolving and I agree, may still need to round out his dime skills but if he manages to stay healthy he will be a prominent figure in the NBA for years to come. All the best young sirrr!

  10. Agudo says:

    I that Lebron in his undies tho? lol

  11. Proff Proff says:

    This is the type of chemistry building that Lebron James brings to his team.

  12. Kodi says:

    Performances in life like this should inspire people and motivate people to be better each and every day… Don’t bash each other peeps.. We are born with so much good positive loving energy in us, so lets increase that positive percentage in life rather than decreasing it by been so negative.. We can be critiques but not to the point we lack seen the heart and the work of the achievements… Great Job brother Ky.. I know you are making your team mates better..I see your amazing game evolving… Thank god you have a big brother thats on your side to show you that… You have a great team… Lets keep going team..

  13. Cavs Fan says:

    Congrats K.I. Nothing bad one could say about this… unless your like Gretzky up there who should probably be on NHLdotcCOM anyway smh

  14. Kyrie lrving dont suck, thats all i got thanks

  15. DylanBoss says:

    “Wanna be” Wayne Gretzky. You know a lot of players, but you obviously know nothing of the sport. Kevin Love has turned himself into a non-factor. He is taking plenty of shots. You need to research before you open your mouth. He is shooting a terrible percentage. If you noticed he took about 15 shots, and made next to nothing the other night. As a Clevelander, I am very disappointed in this trade. Wiggins would have been a bigger factor. He has recently picked up on defense, but he is far from the Love that we traded a future star for. I personally hope we trade him before deadline. He does not fit into our team. Tristan is by far the better fit. Also the name of the game is to win. That is all that matters. Kyrie made it so we achieved that goal. Therefore he was successful. Research pays off. I’m sure you have not watched every game to know if Love is ruining himself or not.

  16. omyblaze57 says:

    If Rose, Westbrook, Lillard, or some other SG converted PG makes the same thing, I don’t think trolling was part of this today. When you watch a guy score 55 points after missing his first 7 shots, it means a lot! Irving is by far the Cavs 2nd best player this season. He HAD to take that shot total, because no one else was stepping up scoring wise. He had the hot hand and the head coach rode him to the finish line. Excellent game Kyrie!

  17. moreno says:

    DAT rite!!! Y’all it’s time to conquer…. Let’s get’it!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ernesto says:

    W.OW. tremendous kyrie 55 point !!

  19. Invested Cavs Fan says:

    Kyrie shot 17-29 after missing his first 7 shots and the rest of the team shot 17-49!! It was a performance for the ages at the Q! We dont need to acknowledge the Haters! People who dont see great things dont enjoy great things and they stay negative in there caves! Kyrie did what was necessary like any great player would to get the WIn! Cavs are taking us down a great season and I am loving every minute of it!