A complete history of Robin Lopez fighting mascots

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week we saw what happened when Atlanta mascot Harry the Hawk faced off against Portland’s Robin Lopez. But because we want the “Inside Stuff,” NBA TV’s Kristen Ledlow went behind the scenes on Lopez vs. stuffing, and got the true story on why Robin Lopez had hates mascots so much.

VIDEO: RoLo Inside


  1. BullaEra says:


  2. Kieran says:

    Error in your article hate* not had.

  3. Supreme Solomon says:

    I wonder what his own team mascot thinks when Robin Lopez enters the arena? Hmmm

  4. hjr says:

    what is this? battle of the birds? Robin vs. Harry the “Hawk.”
    Maybe Pierre the Pelican should join in together with Larry Bird.

  5. Swagerty Walrus says:

    Hmmm….Can you say “staged”?

    And for the record, that reporter is terrible. It’s so obvious that everything she says is scripted

  6. carlos says:

    Lopez is gonna end up being sued lol