Sim Bhullar posts remarkable D-League triple-double

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There’s a saying in basketball that “you can’t teach height.” Meaning you can teach skills like shooting, passing, dribbling or defense, but size is the great equalizer and something you just have to be lucky enough to be born with. You may still be developing as a basketball player, but if you are tall enough, some team will take a chance on you and allow you to develop the other, teachable skills.

And here is where Sim Bhullar enters the discussion. The Indian-Canadian center from Toronto wasn’t the best player in his class, but he has improved each year of his basketball career, and shown enough promise to pique the interest of teams. Also, he’s seven-feet, five-inches tall, and he weighs 360 pounds.

Bhullar is a massive athlete, who has nice touch and soft hands, and while he still has a way to go before his skills translate to the NBA, he had a look with the Sacramento Kings’ summer league team, and how plays for their D-League affiliate, the Reno Bighorns.

Last night against the Los Angeles D-Fenders, Bhullar played a career-high 43 minutes, and he posted a monster stat line: 26 points, 17 rebounds, and 11 blocked shots. A triple-double usually involves points, rebounds and assists, but Bhullar swatted that idea and posted his own triple-dip. If he keeps producing like that, perhaps his NBA debut won’t be far away.

Check the video below for highlights of Bhullar’s big night…

VIDEO: Bhullar triple-dip


  1. PALI SINGH says:

    Sim Bhulller need to go Mavs. Dalls shoud not wait . he is an other diesel engine.

  2. nicholas says:

    Im pretty sure Phil Jackson will pick him up if he keeps on producing these kind of numbers.

  3. h singh says:

    keep it up big fella

  4. FROST DA MAN says:

    I been watching him since he enter the draft…….even doe they dont need him da CAVS need to pick him up quick……

  5. Jordo says:

    People saying teams need to pick him up, this is the D-League! If this guy was serious he would need to lose another 20-30 pounds minimum, gain some athleticism and even then he still may not be good enough. He would be destroyed in the NBA.

  6. lbj says:

    see the knee wraps.

  7. Mud says:

    Where is Dennis Rodman when you need him?

    Geez that dude’s big and could be the next shaq but he’s gotta get rid of some of that body fat and get in shape.

  8. bonuntr says:

    Looks to be another Ostertag….too many Twinkies..

  9. Mir says:

    Give him bigger t-shirt

  10. Bomarzo says:

    Very unimpressive! The Triple-double came in a losing effort, his team was down by 10-20+ points pretty much the hole game, no defense… His catches, throwdowns and movements were particularly unathletic. If Hamid Haddadi couldn’t make a name for himself in the NBA, why would this guy fare better?

  11. jake s. says:

    Looks like he’s about 400 pounds. 50/50 muscle fat.

  12. Ray says:

    Looking at the way he moves and run, there is no way he can keep up with the nba pace. He would have so much trouble facing any big man who is agile and with a mid range game.

  13. Ay says:

    Bullard has the potential to be a dominator, hope his knees hold up.

  14. flip says:

    This guy could be good, but damn he needs to lose weight. He moves too slow, even for a big guy he is really slow. And he tends to lose his man whenever a shot goes up, he needs to find his man and box out. But if he does lose weight and develops better awareness he could be really good, and I hope he does. The NBA needs more big men.

  15. Kal says:

    Good Job Sim! Loose some weight and build some muscles and you’ll be on your way to NBA!!

  16. Needs to drop 30lbs says:

    He really needs to drop the weight because on all of those alleys he catches the ball comes down and then goes up again…in the nba he wont be able to go back up again without being mauled by defenders (no pun intended.) He needs to be faster and if he drops the weight he definitely can do it!

  17. e says:

    Great numbers, but I actually was thinking of a 25 pts, 25 rebs, 15 blks game or something. THAT would be for the ages. Pretty close though. Good for him.

  18. bboy13 says:

    he not that good he just has height nba is way more intense the dleauge

  19. KLEMMELO says:

    He’d Get eaten alive in the NBA…

  20. sixseven says:

    Personally, I’d rather see those rebound numbers higher. There were at least two examples (that we saw) where his lack of athleticism resulted in an offensive board. Granted, he was able to swat them away but they should have been his to begin with.

    This is an impressive stat line but it’s a one-off and not likely something he’ll come close to repeating any time soon. This guy is destined for obscurity, and a life of pain if he doesn’t get that weight under control.

  21. Brett says:

    This guy’s body needs work and he’s slow…. his footwork is bad, at least on way play (someone rightly yells ‘travel’ audibly in the highlights) but his timing is great and he has EXCELLENT hands. Odd mix of strengths and weaknesses. Could be interesting to see pan out!