NBA players react to Derrick Rose injury news

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night the Chicago Bulls announced Derrick Rose would undergo knee surgery on his right knee for a second season in a row. A timetable for his return won’t be established until after the surgery, but considering Rose’s injury history — he’s played just 95 regular season games over the last four seasons — this is another unfortunate setback in Rose’s continuing to try and regain the MVP form he displayed in 2011.

As news of Rose’s latest injury spread last night, players from around the NBA reached out via social media to offer their best wishes…

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my point guard. my brother.

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  1. Daniel Selleshiy says:

    Man Im your biggest fan!!!Hope you get better. im praying for you

  2. Pastor Dr Ike Ama says:

    Moved down to Chicago last year. D.Rose, I just thought about you less than a week ago. My prayers will always be with you. You’ll make it. I am so confident about that. My brother, You will be in good health and prosper even as your soul prospers!

  3. Antonio Perez says:

    i said it before and i will say it again

    derrick rose is modern day sam bowie

    i think the bulls should let him go

    we talking about 4 years now

    enough is enough

    some people will never learn

    wait till next year and it will happen again

    again and again

    those are signs he should retire before something really bad happen

    i hate to say this because i do admire him he is a good player

    but he is not helping the bulls

    i know his intentions are good but things are working the wrong way

    if you really want to help the bulls

    step aside

    • Pastor Dr Ike Ama says:

      As much as I would like him to go to the Cavaliers, I will also say that you are been a bit harsh on him. He did not chose the injury on himself. No body will like to go through a thing like this with their career. It could have been anybody.

    • Jamall Edwards says:

      I agree, I mean on one hand I feel bad for D Rose because he looked as if he was stronger and ready to handle a full season and then boom there it goes again. On the other hand, he has to realize he is not that same player he was back in 2010 with all that jumping and what not. It looks like another season gone down the drain for the bulls franchise which they need to do something about that and quick. I see another Brandon Roy story coming on.

    • denzel says:

      Man Antonio Pérez ,why will you say that I am a heat fan but I still think d rose can make it back. Do not listen to him d.rose keep your head up and Antonio stop being so negative.

    • marc says:

      Not a sam bowie Morden day version but yea let him go they have a good team without him use the money else were but maybe a grant hill type plays later on

  4. thespectator says:

    thats got to hurt. its very sad but drose will make it back. he wont be the same player again but hell be back, contributing whatever he can. well looks like the cavs going to the finals.

  5. William says:

    Someone should teach the superstars about commas.

  6. alex says:

    feel bad for drose i always watching bulls game now idont if i watching again please pray for drose for fast recovery

  7. Brian Lucas says:

    The young man has done more for the city and game of basketball than half the ppl who sit and spect tate. And what ever happens i can only say its been a pleasure to get to see such a talent and if u not from the city u wouldn’t understand but he’s all heart so im sure this won’t be the last we’ll see of D rose much blessings keep yah head up.

  8. Ascencion Rebollar says:

    Stay strong! Speaking from an hispanic family us hispanics love you here from Chicago! Not too far away from where you used to live us Chicagoans are strong and a true champion bounces back no matter the circumstances!

  9. hudgeliberal says:

    Sad,sad situation. Truly a talented player,just hoping he can regain form but its now a long shot. However,he was running and jumping as good as ever he has just lost a lot of that fearlessness…like Westbrook has now. Hope he can return to his peak both mentally and physically. Bowie,Oden,McGrady,Grant Hill,Penny…hope he doesn’t become another “man,if he had not gotten hurt” story!

    • Kayrow says:

      He already did. Had potential to be one of the greats. But that is gone even with a recovery and comeback. He will never be the same like he was in 2010

  10. NBAIQ says:

    Feeling bad for the young fella. I hope he keeps his head up because he’s still young enough to comeback from this injury. Also word is that it is same injury from last year so why repair it. I’d probably just get the torn portion removed and be back on the court in 5-6 weeks much like Westbrook and Wade.

  11. Brian Batts says:

    Two of my greatest competitors I have ever love watching are Derek Rose and Penny Hardaway. I am just baffled at the similarities regarding both of them when it comes to the injury bug. I have been around watching this NBA game for a long time, and I have not seen anyone that can imitate both of them. But the one thing in common, well two things, is that they share the same alma mater, and that they have had significant injuries that has/had impacted their game. But they are and will still be two of the best I have ever seen. D-Rose has better equipment and technology today, than Penny had when he was going thru his injury issues. Penny was one of the first Micro-fracture surgery recipients back in the day, but the only problem was that there was no research or findings to solidify this procedure. Look at what it did to Brandon Roy, and Greg Oden. But hopefully D-rose can get back to his form soon. Get well D-Rose!!!!

  12. Jasmine BullsNation4Life says:

    It Hurts To See 1 Of The Top 5 PG’s Go Down With An Injury, Especially 1 That Has Worked So Hard To Come Back From The Previous Injuries. All Derrick Wants Is To Bring A Championship To The City That He Loves So Much That He Give His All For It. And For Fans Of The Bulls Or Fans Of Basketball To Say That He Trash Or That Hes Done And Should Retire Or That The Chicago Bulls Should Let Him Go?! Are Unintelligent Fans Of This Great Sport. Whether The Haters Support Derrick Rose And The Chicago Bulls Or Not There Will Always Be Fans Like Me That Will Support Them 10x More Because Of How Fans Reacted With This Injury Or Previous Injury. So Thank You To The Fans Of The Chicago Bulls Or Fans Of Basketball That Give Their Support TO Derrick Rose. #GetWellDerrick

  13. darrio says:

    life throws it blow and it is so easy to complain about your down fall but life is bigger than basketball you’re a great player but even a better person real people appreciate what you are doing and what your continuing to do in inner city communities God promise he will never put more on us than we can bear I prayers are with you and your family man and will always remain a fan god bless

  14. Felipe A. says:

    Im not a bull fan but D Rose is a good player and he makes the game excited . hope he can come back again soon. GOD IS WITH YOU BRO.

  15. Antonio Perez says:

    so let me guess this straight

    sincerity is a sin

    the lakers fans did the exact same thing with poor steve nash

    a men with a broken back and people still want him to play

    they wanted to sacrificed him just for their entertainment

    i rather see my team out of the playoffs than see a basketball player that i admire and respect in a wheel chair

    sometimes when you try to help you are not helping

    and if really want to help

    please don’t help

    you don’t have to retire for ever but you can take a few years off

    you still young then you can make your comeback

    and be fully healthy that way you can help your team

  16. Rhedz03 says:

    Get well soon D.R … Maybe a change of position could be the solution..or at least…Maybe develop your outside shooting ?

    Throw down that athleticism in exchange for a better shooting range. Injury is a part of the business but if it happens every year then something must be done. Retirement is not an option as you still have a long way to go. Sometimes taking few steps back could bring you more farther than taking couple of steps forward. Once you’ve done whats need to be one with the recoery get back on court and practice your shooting…You can still be a threat and help your team win games by knocking down shoots…Less slashing down the paint and more jump shots and 3s.

    Just my 2 cents so u can have a longer career.

    Btw, ask adidas if they can make you a better shoes…The best shoes you’ve had so far is the drose 2.5
    Tell adidas you need something light and not that flexible, good traction and geofit collar, A starp and lace would be cool too.

    Godbless D.R Get well soon..Think about what i said…

  17. harriethehawk says:

    Jimmy Butler is really feeling the loss. Thoughtful post.

  18. Tobias Hines says:

    D.rose gone put in his work regardless for all the haters I don’t see y’all out there trying to help his team the way I see it is that he is doing what he has to do for his team and sometimes when they need him he falls down but we can’t know what getting up is like until we get knocked down I give respect not hate #Drose #tobigtostrongDROSE
    wish u a speedy recovery

  19. Van Vincent Maquilang says:

    Get well soon my idol DROSE God bless you…

  20. Steven Martindale says:

    I Just got done telling. Matt just wa not him to play! Every ™®©÷π√•| YEAR!!!

  21. mark says:

    D.rose before getting injured was a sure fire bet to in the MVP race every year and the bulls where set up to be eastern conference finalists every year. But is D.rose is a Sam bowie who did not pan out NO. Is he kwame brown NO. is he Micheal beasley NO is he Greg oden NO .none of these player done anything close to what he had done to be the face of one of the most recognized franchises and actually deliver with mvp caliber play can i put him in the same Category as Brandon roy yes I can but these are 2 special player who where great for a short period of time and gave as much as they could for the teams they where the corner stone major building blocks for the teams these where the guys you where building around and they proved there worthiness of the praise they got for doing what they did in the amount of time they did it in .is D.rose YES more then likely he will try and come back much like Roy tried to come.back but I am sorry to say it is over .But I will place those 2 players in the same light or conversation as a other players because they proved there worth on the biggest level and biggest stage of the nba and where dominant. Oden never had a chance injuries from college followed him . bowie actually played a number of seasons and I think 2with the Lakers but even healthy he was never the same guy. Rose and Roy where great player and would have been even greater but they accomplished more then a lot of player look up Draft history .David noel .sean may. Joe Alexander. hasheem thebeet. acie law. jason Thompson I can’t count more player that did nothing then I can players who did what they did on the level they did it so nobody should ever discredit rose for being injured look at all the players where not injured and never did a quarter of what he has done a truly great player….

  22. Bullzhater34 says:

    he keeps getting injured. What is with his legs. I hate the bulls but respect is given

  23. Xerox says:

    I think, that D-Rose should change style of his playing. Instead of drives and aggresive playing under the rim, he should improve his long 2-pointers and 3-pointers. Just look at Vince Carter…at beggining of his career he was player, who almost every play ended with effective dunk. But age came, and he knew, that his legs could keep with his style of playing, so he improved his jump-shot and still is very dangerous. D-Rose should think about that, especially with his injuries…I don’t wish him bad, but his career will be cut short if he continue to play, how he played after injuries. His right knee just will just crash again, and I will be very dissapointed if I will be hearing about Rose ending his career because of injuries.

  24. justsayin says:

    It’s a damn shame. Even with all the time off he is still one of the best finishers in the game when going to the hoop. A little more time to regain the consistency to his jumpshot and he would have been back to form. Good fortune to DRose in getting better hopefully for the playoffs (and going forward) – at least this is only a partial tear.

  25. wendell says:

    change your shoes rose, thats the problem !!!!!

    • jacelo says:

      prayers for d rose …we need players like him..the spirit and fire the tenacity on the game…one of my favorite player…the one who revolutionize the PG pos….

  26. Jk says:

    Haha all you haters and drose will be back this season and ready for playoffs. At your face.

  27. The bulls will still reach the finals cuz of gasol

  28. glennh says:

    I don’t think God has anything to do with him, Drose, getting injured or him getting better..
    Leave the fairytales out of it. The man got hurt badly again and he will battle back… or not.
    It is very sad, but don’t put it on some possible deity, please

  29. Jalen Rose says:

    keep gettin them checks D-Rose

  30. MagicJohnson says:

    He’ll be back, he always finds a way. Til then, keep gettin them checks playa!

  31. Ryan Donald says:

    Drose is just being tested by a higher source right now..All this rehab is just making him stronger and probably will even make him more stronger as a person in the long run..Everything is gone be ok for drose whether he can return to his mvp self or if he has to retire early..Hopefully this will be his last injury..Luckily this injury is a temporary setback and won’t end his career..Good luck to Drose and to his still promising future in basketball…Side Note : I seriously don’t understand how people are automatically putting the Cavs in the final..No team in the east have better chemistry than the Atlanta Hawks..The Hawks are the new spurs and it’s no fluke.

  32. s k says:

    well Drose i wish you fast recovery and better health and come back to help your team and family,
    i will always love to see you playing in field of bulls,

  33. Bird33 says:

    I wish D Rose the best of luck with a speedy recovery. The Bulls need him, the fans need him and the Eastern Conference and League certainly needs him!

    But as far as the Bulls saying 4 – 6 weeks…well…I’m sorry if I’m a little doubtful due to the Derrick’s recent injury history….but I have to say that I will believe it when I see it.

    I think even die hard (and realistic) bulls fans must be feeling the same way….”Yes, Derrick…we’d love to see you back in 4 to 6 weeks….but we’re not going to get our hopes up just yet….”

    It’s too bad the communication blackout from D Rose and “his people” (Reggie) during his past injuries has put a Derrick in a bad light at times…..I guess having good advisors and good advice really is important at times for those in the media spotlight (e.g. LeBron and “the decision”).

    Good luck D Rose….I wish you a speedy recovery.

  34. Noitidart says:

    So sad. I hope on Rose’s return the refs don’t miss any calls on him. It’s just not fair to go through all this and then refs miss calls on this guy. I feel so bad. Watching him not get calls would be heart pierecing everytime during the season. After having gone through the last couple years of rehab with him, as a fan.

  35. Kayrow says:

    D.rose had potential to be one of the greats. But that is gone even with a recovery and comeback. He will never be the same like he was in 2010. Wish him a speedy but goddamn it’s damn shame

  36. M j says:

    Bad news. My man Cross. Get well soon. Prepare you’re self Better this time. Work hard to co.e back better and play a full 82.

  37. Badasi12b says:

    Get well D Rose.