Aaron Gordon loses a shoe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s unclear exactly what has happened in this clip. I’ve watched it in slow motion about five times and am still unsure how this happened. Either way, Orlando’s Aaron Gordon is out on the perimeter when all of a sudden his right shoe shoots off his foot and flies from the three-point line, into the paint and ends up down under the basket. While the shoe is doing its thing, Gordon drives into the paint wearing one shoe and takes a shot. And as Gordon is driving, Miami’s Chris Andersen delivers a swift kick to Gordon’s bouncing shoe and boots it out of the lane. Crazy play.

(via SB Nation)


  1. and_then_face says:


  2. kurdman says:

    I watched this a few times and I’ve come to the conclusion that he just didn’t tied his shoelace, That’s the only reasonable explanation. But it was funny how the Birdman kicked the shoe. When #5 hit the ground, I thought it was because the shoe got under his feet after the Birdman kicked it.

  3. Zocom7 says:

    This is one of the strangest plays I have ever seen. Also wasn’t there a blocking foul before the loose ball foul was called?

  4. Aryan Agrawal says:

    Too Bad My man Tyson wasn’t there for the NBA’s 2nd ever Shoe Block!!!