Andre Iguodala drops defender with vicious crossover

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For a forward, Andre Iguodala sure does have a history of using his crossover dribble to shake free and drop defenders. I mean, we’re not even a year removed from this play, when Iguodala left Denver’s Quincy Miller in the dust.

VIDEO: Iguodala Miller

But if you thought that was nice, just wait until you see what Iguodala did last night. With the Warriors taking on the Cavaliers, Iguodala ran into Cleveland’s Matthew Dellavedova in transition, and Iguodala dropped another crossover dribble that literally took the feet right out from underneath Dellavedova, leaving him grasping for air…


  1. lbj-finalsmvp says:

    • Steph30CurryALLDAY says:

      But Steph Curry and the Warriors definently will win the Championship

      • WarriorsSuck says:

        The Cavs expose the warriors weakness:jacking up threes but can’t get consistent easy points will not beat the good teams because they don’t have inside presence. So go ahead and keep jacking up threes so when the playoff hits, teams that get easy twos and gets to the free throw line’ll crush the overrated warriors

  2. staffer says:

    C’mon guys, relax. Focus on THE PLAY. What Andre Iguedala did was sweet, no doubt about it.

    When it comes to Warriors – I love watching them play. I also rate them high, because, despite Curry’s incredible ballhandling, they do not look as if they want to make their opponent look silly.
    On the other hand – they lack consistency. If they manage to overcome this problem, then the championship will be in their reach.