Steph Curry visits the White House

VIDEO: Curry White House

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For most athletes, a visit to the White House happens only if you’ve managed to win a championship or a title. But with the Golden State Warriors in Washington D.C. earlier this week, Stephen Curry found time to stop by the White House one morning. Curry has long been involved in the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets anti-malaria initiative, and while in D.C., he joined several experts on the subject. After the conference, he managed to swing by the Oval Office to spend some time with President Obama, as you can see in the video above, and the President’s dogs, as you can see below…


  1. GSWoutINapril says:

    Cannot wait til they get beat in the first round of the playoffs and we don’t have to hear about and see this overrated weakling all the time. MJ is the GOAT so I guess that makes Curry the MOPOAT (most overrated player of all time)

  2. GSWoutINapril says:

    How does my comment make me an idiot?

    • Fazed says:

      i think you have been called an idiot because the player you are insulting is the best player on his team, on the team that is best in the toughest conference. Stephen Curry has been one of the top 3 players in the league this season, a true chance of being worthy of MVP Honours and your calling him overated… you might not be an idiot but your comment was very idiotic.

  3. GSWoutINapril says:

    True he is the best player on his team. True his team has the best record and is in the toughest conference. False his team is the best in the conference. False he is a top 3 player and false he is worthy of MVP. The only reason they have their record is because the league has been plagued by injuries this year. This will all come out in the playoffs if they face OKC in the first round which I guarantee ya Steve Kerr is praying OKC gets to #7 seed so that doesn’t happen.

  4. GSWoutINapril says:

    Curry is top 3 best in the league? So he’s better than Westbrook, KD, and Lebron James?

  5. Hawk Fan says:

    Your comment is a little on the harsh side and you may be short changing Curry a touch but I have to admit I agree with you. He is overrated and his team would not be #1 in the west if thunder had been healthy all year but Curry is an amazing player. Definitely not top 3 in the league though.