Is James Harden the new King James?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Cavaliers and Rockets had a terrific game yesterday afternoon, battling into overtime and through several game-winning attempts. When the dust settled, the Rockets won 105-103 in overtime. And while several Rockets had great games, they were led by James Harden, who had himself a statement game, finishing with 33 points, 8 rebounds and, more importantly, one big-time win.

Of course, on the losing end of things were the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were led by four-time MVP LeBron James, who finished with 37 points and, as usual, had a hand in everything the Cavs did on Sunday. And sure, he also missed two clutch free throws that could have given the Cavs a late lead. This time LeBron may have come up just a bit short, but considering his history of rings and trophies, he’ll get another chance and will take advantage of the situation.

Still, that didn’t stop the Houston Rockets from gloating a bit after the win. The Rockets official Twitter account tweeted out an image declaring Harden the “new King”…

After one win? Welp. As the saying goes, you come at the King, you best not miss…


  1. Maximilian Montagne says:

    The true test will come during the playoffs. The Cavs were missing their playmaker Kyrie………….I’m pulling for Love, but he is still lame on defense. If he does not make his threes, he had better get 15 rebounds. He needs to get past his choir boy look and get mean. The NBA is a mean league. Harden is great, but, he has not won anything yet. Gloating over one win, in one’s own place, and the Cavs without their second scorer, is a sign of a team that desperately needs more attention. They will only get that if they win big in the future. In the mean time, its still Lebron the KING and James Harden a prince!

    • NBA Players says:

      What was happend is all about who deserved to have the Season MVP.. James Harden is the most consistent among all MVP candidates.. I’m not sure if these idiots knows what James Harden proves to everyone since from the start of this season.. He just slap Lebron in the face.. LOL.. Win is a win and an MVP should come on the winning team.. Lebron is always surrounded by Superstars on his team and this time no Kyrie Irving as James Harden without Dwight Howard.. Lebron has Kevin Love and JR Smith on that game but still James Harden carried Houston to a win and Houston Rockets with no Howard still has a better team standing than Lebron’s team..

      Lebron had championship rings on an easy way by going to Miami in a power house team to get a ring so please stop it.. Lebron hasn’t prove anything as well.. He has missed the last winning shot causing the game to OT.. then missing AGAIN 2 FREE THROWS my goodness and you all pathetic are calling that guy a “KING?!”.. He doesn’t have clutch shooting that’s why he needs D.Wade or Kyrie to those things for him.. Lebron is only a product of media from the start of his career until now he is already OLD he doesn’t have the skills of KOBE BRYANT and MICHEAL JORDAN and those are the only two KINGS of NBA that we’ve known because we know how to understand and play basketball…

      • apexofkryptos says:

        @NBA Players – Other “kings of the NBA” come in the form of teams. Recently, you can jot down San Antonio in that category. Lakers of old and Boston Celtics are there too. You must respect a team.

      • med says:

        ok, I’m not a ‘Bron backer by any means with how he got his rings. But look at how you compare him to MJ and Kobe and then say he was a powerhouse team…..Didn’t Kobe have Shaq for a few years and three rings…on teams that also featured underrated Fisher, Rick Fox, Gary Payton, Karl Malone etc. Then got Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Fisher (again) for the second ride. Jordan always had Pippen…also Rodman, Grant, Kukoc,Kerr,Paxson,Harper etc. Early in James career,before Miami, He got Cleveland to the Finals when his sidekick was….wait for it….Daniel Gibson…..yeah. And even though teams planned weeks in advance to face the offensive juggernaut known as Gibson, they some how managed not to make it back after being swept out the Finals against the Spurs. After that series he got as sidekicks….Antwan Jamison and his outrageous contract, sideshow Bob,Wally,Mo Williams and others I can’t remember. Not trying to troll you, but If he went to the Clippers people would say The same thing about it as Miami and Cleveland(the 2nd go around). So even though I don’t agree with him anointed the King before he even played an NBA game, I still think he proved a thing or two since

      • Tru says:

        Preach it brother, MJ and Kobe are true champs unlike Lebron, a very good player but not even in the same atmosphere as the other two

      • Amanda says:

        What a slap in Harden’s face the new King next he’ll be calling himself little Lebron lol you never uses someone else nick name

      • KOD says:

        I think you lack to see the fact that this game displayed so much excitement for BB fans.. I mean scoring to defense to even missed field goals and free throws from both teams it was exciting.. It kept all of us off our seats that’s for sure.. See my man game is about superstars performing day in day out… They know just because they perform to the highest level night in night out is not going to make them win every night but they know it will give them lot more wins that losses… I know its frustrating to see a guy that’s at the age of 30 is the talk of the league still since he has stepped on the court back in 2003 amongst other greats in the league now.. Your comparison to Lebron to MJ is little premature.. and I hope you don’t premature in all the things you do in life.. Let things unfold brahhh…. LBJ is 30 years young..

      • Greg says:

        Wow I never recall LeBron never losing a game everyONE lose I mean lol y’all can make a big deal because it’s RARE and besides did harden play good defense on LeBron hell NO good team win….besides chill the last 4 years how many times LeBron competed for the marbles compare to harden…right!!! 🙂

      • LOL says:

        Easy way? Are you dumb? lol winning a championship is never easy. And btw basketball is a team game and it isn’t about individuals on their own. Jordan had fantastic teams all around him throughout his championship years, he has had HOF’s play with him. Yes lebrun had good team but he was also a team player. Actually make intelligent comments before you decide to write because your ignorance shows.

      • AS says:

        The game was in Houston and 105-103 in OT!… If the game it would have been in Cleveland, the results were very different, Cleveland Cavaliers has an excellent record in wins at home and not to mention the public, amazing.

        Then, the schedule does not give the opportunity to another face to face, but Lebron James is breaking many records this season, leading his team to a better position in the east.

        However, James Harden is suspended for flagrant foul No.2, ‘a little dirty reaction’, he has the leadership in points only by 0.9 of diference above Lebron James. The past game isn’t decisive to the MVP, is only the big start to the race.

      • julian says:

        Lebron plays D and harden doesnt. Plus harden has ariza, brewer, smith, dwight and others so it evens out

    • Nick says:

      Harden is the only scorer on that team

    • Joey says:

      Well said

    • janrom says:

      James harden a prince…no way! Not even a prince…just check his shooting percentage he needs to take 30 shot just to get 20 points…come on people he is alright, but his not even closed to MVP candidates. .. CURRy the mvp..thats it!!!! can curry a team!!!!!

    • Toby says:

      James Harden wasn’t gloating. The Rockets put that thing out there to hype up the fans. You see above the picture where it says “The Rockets official Twitter account tweeted…”. You are right, though. Harden is great. He is in the conversation of best player in basketball right now. I don’t think he deserves the crown yet, But there is so much yet to come. And he is 25 years old. And James Harden would feel that if he was to get that title, he wouldn’t deserve it until he wins a title. Yes, I am saying it like I know what he thinks, and I do. King James didn’t get that title unitl he won…..oh, wait….NEXT: Cavs were missing their playmaker and second leading scorer would be like the Rockets making excuses about missing their second leading scorer and defensive playmaker… if Dwight Howard didn’t play….oh wait……

  2. Comment says:


    • Eggie23 says:

      Top from bottom no jarden cant be call the new king that wouldnt never ever happen maybe in 2100!!2nd i still dont understand why they call LBJ the king maybe since he rookie year when he just accomplish his 2rings 2yrs ago both of then are overrated yes lebron plays good no doubt,but for be the king you have to be the best overall including hall of famers and he is way behind kobe for not to mention the big Papa MICHAEL JORDAN 6×6(finals MVP,and 6-0) while lebron i believe is like 7 and 2. So for me is going like this MJ:the king,KOBE,the prince,LBJ:the princess(how many times have you see him crying?) and james harden:the servant

      • The name Lebron is of African origin.

        The meaning of Lebron is “king”.





  3. sally says:

    James Harden in a dirty player, anybody that has to kick another in their private area is not a champion and never will be. That’s not earning a title that cheating to get their. James Harden will NEVER be what Lebron James is. He won’t get a championship this year either and probably not next year. Not good enough, they play bully ball just like the Clippers, their going nowhere too.

    • Drunkard says:

      Yeah, Lebron pinned down Beverly. He deserves a techinal foul on that one. Lebron cry-baby can’t carry a team, even shoot freethrows. Just saying. 🙂

  4. anonymous says:


  5. anonymous says:

    This is so silly, LBJ obviously had the better game. Harden gets praise because Houston won ONLY because crucial free throws were missed. If the CAVS won the media would be totally different today about the two players. STILL…LBJ handled the Rockets…Harden (like a coward) got a flagrant for kicking LeBron purposely AND received a technical prior to that. Sounds like an awesome new “King”.

    The Rockets didn’t win because they outplayed the CAVS and LBJ…They won because LBJ uncharacteristically missed FT’s…this has happened to all the greats at one time or another., you really think this was a statement by Harden? The only one I see is that Harden can’t take the pressure from LBJ, and is a coward for the flagrant.

    • jsovah23 says:

      LeBron had a better gAme? Haha haha…. I can’t even reply back to ur comment. Not worth it.

    • t1000 says:

      just because lebron had more 3 more points doesn’t mean he had the better game. Lebron took way more shots than harden and only had 4 more points? Harden made his free throws. had a better and more efficient game.

  6. one game does not a career make, nor does a handful of games. until harden proves himself in the playoffs and doesn’t fold under pressure (remember okc vs miami finals 2012? and he hasn’t gotten out of the first round in houston yet), he has absolutely no right to call himself the king. on top of that, there are 2 rings and 4 mvp trophies that harden doesn’t have. this should not even be a debate.

  7. Chily Patel says:

    Please stop blowing this up because hes obviously not the new king. There is one king and that Mr.Lebron James!!#bestplayerever

  8. milion dolla man says:

    king james? james harden? sounds good . but this dude do not got 1 ring if lebron made all his free throws which he usually does cavs woulda won 1 game dont count on james harden bein the best in the world

  9. milion dolla man says:

    that games was based off free throws lol…

    • unknown says:

      If he’s so great why did he leave Cleveland in the beginning. Great players makes not so great players better players. . .

    • HAHA says:

      Can’t even make his free throws to win a game and he’s called the king.. he even had ray allen to save him from one of his championship rings.. I miss MJ’s and Kobe days where they know how to take over games and win! It is just one game, but a crucial one that Lebron knew was going to be all over the headlines and he choked, that’s that.

  10. c kelly says:

    LBJ has turned from a great player to the biggest baby in the league. He gets by with fouling constantly and tries to whine his way out by looking stupid when he gets caught. He was and always will be a choker when the big moment arises. HE STILL HAS GREAT POTENTIAL, but he needs to quit being such a ball hog and truly involve his teammates instead of belittling them.

    ALSO THE NBA AND THE REFS need to stop cuddling him like a baby and call fouls on him equally


  11. bozack says:

    James Harden did not call himself the “king” the rockets twitter account did. James Harden played a hell of a game and their were quite a few questionable calls both ways. Lebron James is still the greatest player in the world, but he also gets a lot of love from the refs. With that being said, Lebron lost this game due to the FT shooting, but he’s such a great player, it’s hard to put too much blame on him.

  12. Defdun says:

    I’m neither an LBJ nor Harden fan, but after watching the game, I doubt some of the so-called experts who claim they saw the new MVP or even “the new king James”. LBJ clearly outplayed Harden and once he defended him in the 4th Q there was not much to see of him. Except of course a deliberate kick in the crotch after the whistle (MVP – Most Vicious Player) and silly elbow interlocking which should have got him a foul and maybe a flopping fine.

    Everyone saw LeBron gave it away by missing 7 of the last 8 free throws incl. the last second tie-it and win-it FTs. We’ll see in the playoffs if Houston is ready to make a deep run… wish them all the best, but without any bush plays please!

  13. Bob says:

    Who cares if Lebron missed his free throws all i have to say is SCORE BOARD.

  14. King James Harden says:

    All these James Harden haters are ridiculous his rings on the way dont even worry about that just know next time him and lebron meet up again its going to be the same results

  15. MARIAN NOBLE says:

    I agree we have a new King Harden who won the title nothing was thrown together with pulling the best player from other teams to make up a court for King James. King Harden, who has carried a team through out the year with a major player missing.and as of March 1, 2015 is ranked #3in the West ( the hardest conference to win). Howard has been missing due to injury and then recovery and King Harden has rocked steady with all the winners 14 to be exact. ROCKETS keep on keeping on fight until the end and victory is yours. I am so proud to be a booster on this ROCKET that is blasting off to higher goals. We love the ROCKETS every one of them.


  16. troll says:

    harden is the new king yall just bandwagoning

  17. TJ says:

    Even as a Rockets fan, this is a bold false claim. But Lebron didnt have a better game, he may have gotten 37 points but he took 35 shots… hardens 18….. And to say harden is a dirty player is unfair. Lebron was antagonizing the rockets for quite some time leading up to the incident. And the numerous no calls for both teams was adding to the tension. Harden was simply frustrated, just like all players get from time to time.

  18. blaq1 says:

    It was truly one of the best games I’ve seen this year but to don James Harden, “the new King James”, would be over doing it. I am a Rockets fan as well as a LBJ fan but obviously (being from Houston) the Rockets trumps any team I watch. Even though I’m a Harden/Rockets fan, he is not and should not be dubbed, the new king. In my opinion, LBJ is the best player on the planet and Harden is not too far behind but still has a long way to go. But until he has proven himself by stepping up his defensive game, playoff wins, championships, then can we begin the conversation.

  19. Larry Walker says:

    I don’t think LeBron has ever kicked another player in the crotch! Harden = PUNK

  20. swaggy says:

    Man Y’all funny

  21. Mr. T says:

    when he starts playing constant defense….maybe

  22. Sleepy B says:

    I am a lebron fan but that was clearly a foul on Harden if it was the other way around lebron would have gotten the call.How are people saying LBJ had a better game cause he had 37 and harden had 33? I think not harden was 8/18 FG 2/6 3PT & 15/18 FT while Lebron was 15/35 FG 4/12 3Pm 3/11 FT how is it that Lebron had a better game lol

    • red says:

      Thank you

    • Hdjzjsjjsj says:

      James harden had a better game but in no way is he the king now I mean in the ot period once Lebron started guarding his shots didn’t come easy and I mean if you saw the way the CAVS guards were playing then you would understand why he took so many shots,I mean love started hot but cooled down and was glued to the three point line and guards shooting 2-14 without kyrie I mean he had to take those shots, they could’ve been better shots but it was a valiant effort by Lebron that wouldn’t have looked so bad if he could’ve knocked down some freebies

    • Hdjzjsjjsj says:

      I mean by the way harden shot threes if he would have taken 12 threes he would have hit 4,I mean 4/12=.33 or 33% and 2/6=.33 or 33%

  23. birdie says:

    The entire Rockets organization is moronic. Nice time for that tweet, after Harden deliberately kicked James in the groin. Dirty player, dirty gm, dirty team.

    • Devin says:

      Considering that Lebron pushed patrick beveraly to the ground, and he flopped when james harden kicked him, and wrapped his arm around james harden making harden upset. If a dude did all that to you im sure you would be allittle pissed off

  24. TrueGoatLBJ says:

    He so far to LBJ, i think he need to proves this first.

    – NBA Champion
    – MVP Allstar
    – MVP Season
    – MVP Finals


  25. George says:

    The new KING??? are you kidding??? Because of 1 game that they won on a poor shooting night from Lebron?

    Whoever wrote this article needs to go on vacation or something.

    James Harden is a great players, but please do not compare him to Lebron James. People often forget all the other aspects of the game besides scoring. Lebron is a GREAT GREAT player and probably the most all around player the NBA has ever seen. People need to appreciate him alot more because when he is gone from this league he will sorely be missed.

    In a playoff series i highly doubt the rockets would defeat the cavs. Please also remember the CAVS closer Kyrie was out of the line-up. Yeah Houston was missing Dwight, but Dwight has shown and proven he is useless and the Rockets play much better without him.

  26. Maques says:

    lebron sucks go rockets!

  27. Jake R. says:

    The Cavs are clearly the better team. Houston barely won and had to give it their best. The Cavs played poorly and were still in it. Harden better hope to win the MVP this year because his chances will be limited, he and everybody knows it. And to say Howard is half the player Irving is is crazy. Houston is better w/o Howard.

  28. Foul call MVP says:

    Lebron James flopping and whining?? i agree with Carmelo Anthony everytime Harden enters the paint the reffs call foul, i am sick of all the BS fouls he get. What has happened to league, before it was much harder to draw a foul. I miss the big “The Hoya Destroya”

  29. lunchmeat says:

    harden is the best the best at baiting the officials into calling fouls the best at flopping to get to the foul line the line he had last night was unusual because he is a volume shooter getting an unapproachable per centage of his points at the line

  30. Devin says:

    I think he will be the new “King James”. James Harden has had a statement year, and when people say harden is the only scorer on the rockets. They are wrong, there is Corey brewer and josh smith not even bringing up ariza or Jones.

  31. Kevin says:

    How can Harden be an MVP? He is a dirty player and he demonstrated in a nationally televised game. A pitiful model for thousands of children who watch the game. One game suspension is too little for such an act. Did he apologize to his teammates? What about the fans and team management?

  32. Hank says:

    Harden and the Houston Rockets are BOLD. Harden says he’s the best player on the planet right now, He also said they didn’t really need Chandler Parsons because they already have him and Dwight and then they post this because they beat Lebron and the Cavs by 2 in overtime in a regular season game?

  33. McBride says:

    Lebron put the shackles on Harden. Then Lebron missed free throws the end.

  34. 4pt Range says:

    Dennis rodman got a week ban for kicking a photographer, this clown gets one game for kicking the king?

  35. jess says:

    Be the MVP first, then twice, thrice and four times before you dethrone the real KING JAMES!!!!

  36. Sniper79 says:

    To be a king, you need to prove you can have rings.
    Having said that, between Harden and Lebron, Lebron is the King.
    1 game does not give you that distinction to be a king.

    • Hdjzjsjjsj says:

      Yo people stop bringing rings into this if you do that then bill Russell is the greatest who ever played like really chill Lebron is better because he can score and defend, he is way more all around than harden

  37. Ann LeFlore says:

    There is only one King James…..that being Lebron James. Better look at all his trophies, wins, and total knowledge of Basketball. One little win and Harden’s fans call him “King James”. Any player can have a bad day/night on the court, but Lebron is a legend. I am a true OKC Thunder fan and was totally taken back by the nasty kick of Harden to James. That is not a basketball play. It was a low down dirty blow to one of the best NBA players. I am so glad that Harden moved on from our Thunder team. Reminds me of something that World Peace would have done. You have certainly changed your outlook and style of play on the court, James Harden. GB our Thunder team; Heaven help the actions of the Rockets.

  38. Rj says:

    Lbj is the king… Everything he’s got he eraned it.. He has proven a lot and he won two rings already… If haden can surpas lbj then maybee he will be the new king.. But that will never happen…….

  39. Lebron should have kicked “Hardon” in the
    Family jewels and the Rockets, who will fizzle out in the Playoffs, could twitter about Queen James!

  40. w.m says:

    there is only one king now playing his name is king lebron james

  41. www says:

    A king has rings. It was one game, Hes been messing up his free throws all year so he needed this loss to test his ego, the amount of value Lebron brings to the team is much more than Harden anyway. He brought over many new players to the Cavs and rebuilt a broken team because these players see the VALUE of LBJ being their leader. That will never be accounted for though or the fact Lebrons statistics would be much higher if he even played the normal amount of minutes he usually does.

  42. Big B.I. says:

    Get Real…L.B.J. Is King…

  43. just call me KD says:

    I can still clearly remember how LeBron dominated Harden during the 2012 NBA Finals. That’s why OKC traded Harden afterwards.

  44. Patrick says:

    Hahaha how many rings does Harden have again. Harden choked in last year’s worse than Lebron ever has. A king doesn’t go 14 for 47 with 9 turnovers and went 5/19 3 pointers. Harden was atrocious the whole series against Portland

  45. LOL says:

    You guys are kidding right. The whole reason LeBron got his King James tag is because he was to be Clevelands savior just like the King James Version was to the Puritans. It is simply a word play. Anyhow, you ppl need to get that word play and stop thinking he is actually the king of the court. Who bows to him?

  46. sally says:

    I hate to rain on you Rocket fans parade, but they will not be winning a championship and Hardin will not be the MVP. He thinks he’s the new King James, he is no where near. He thinks he’s going to mow down all those teams in the West and just sit there at the top and wait for someone to beat him. I don’t think so, they aren’t getting past Golden State for one, not to mention the Spurs, Memphis, Portland etc. etc. just because they won some games during the season has nothing to do with playoff basketball. Someone will bring him to a screeching halt right in his bearded tracks. Watch !!!! GO CAVS !!!

  47. Flexy says:

    Can we stop with all the Dwama…oh my bad, same team wrong quote…The fact is all these dudes are divas, basketball is not the same game anymore, and the ONLY MVP in this league right now is Curry. On that note, who kicks another professional in the Nuggets and then gets crowned a Sacramento King? Puns intended… why are the puns intended because just like both of those temas don’t deserve to get mentioned in any real championship caliber converation neither does this crappy scuffle. What happended to the good ol PJ Brown vs Charlie Ward dayz, thats when basketball wuz more like an actual sport, these dayz its a bunch of pansies running back and fourth hoping they don’t break a nail.

  48. Flexy says:

    BTW the Rockets are NOT a championship caliber team right now, Harden is NOT an MVP, and James is NOT a man, so shouldn’t his title be “Queen” James. C’mon people can we get things right for once in life…


  50. andy11413 says:

    U all can say what u want about lebron but harden cant even compare to him with or without his mvps and championship he will and forever be the better play. All great players including jordan missed the game winner. Its just that the media these days are horrible. If lebron claps too hard its a big deal. All im sayin u cant judge a player by one game but by their entire nba seasons.

  51. chaddrickbrown says:

    Every one know that harden is the best iso player out. Which make him a huge threat for all teams. He proved tone better than lebro, but for kicking him i say hedid right the play was over and he still advanced on trying so he did right. Lebron was frustrated that he couldn’t defend james harden shoe wanted to make he get ejected.

  52. Just stop. Harden is good yes, but to say he’s the new king b/c he had 1 good game? I mean, yeah he’s having a great season, but have you seen the numbers LeBron has put up lately? He’s returning to pre-heat cavaliers form. That man is deadly. LeBron is the best player in the world and continues to show it each and every game.

  53. dieugo says:

    I don’t think harden he can be nwe king he can’t

  54. HardensOVERRATED says:

    Wow, one game and he’s better than LBJ? Harden is not even top 5 in the nba. I can’t stand LBJ but come on the man is an amazing proving champion basketball player. I can think of several guys that are far better than Harden.

  55. Hes Better Than Prince James says:

    Hes better than punk prince James.

  56. khaled says:

    What? James harden? Are you serious?
    You can’t compare james harden to lebron james in anyway how its gonna work to call this stupid player king?

  57. Jay says:

    James harden a great player in his own right, obviously getting stats like those in the most premier league. Lebron is a different level and different set of skills, Lebron’s sole motivation is team and winning. He goes just as hard on defense as he does in offense. Scoring 37 is just one facet of his game, and doesn’t paint the picture of who he is. There is a reason why he can get other all-star caliber players to join him. Lebron fills more stars than even Jordan in his prime.

  58. John says:

    37 > 33

  59. King? says:

    Well, for one, there is no “King”, if you were to say who is King of the Cavs, it’s LeBron. King of Rockets? Harden. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many rings you’ve won before or how many points you scored, it’s going to come down to the TEAM. I’m just excited to see who wants it more.

  60. Lebron is way above Harden in every category , he has eyes not only in front of his face but also in the back of his head. The king seems to read a play before it happens, now that’s not taught but comes naturally. As far as the MVP comes into play, he is a total team player and always been one from grade school on up till now. Pay attention haters or you will miss some incredible basketball playing by the man from Akron’s ST. V.

  61. NBA LIES!!! says:

    Tell me when the bearded one exceeds 4 MVPs, 2 Championship Rings, 2 Finals MVPs, a scoring title, and be in the all defensive team more than 6 times

  62. anonymous says:

    So many people here need to look deeper than just shooting %’s lol By that logic Mosgov had a better game than both of them right? LeBron guarded Harden in the final 14 possessions (roughly 5 mins in the 4th plus OT) and Harden didn’t score once from the field. LBJ shut him down completely…and you think Harden is better? Just look at the PER and the numbers for each player especially when they guard each other…it’s not even a contest. Everyone would have a different opinion if LeBron made those FT’s. Common, Kobe and Michael have both missed in the clutch too. It happens…doesn’t mean Harden had a better game lol.

  63. LeBron James 23 says:

    That just shows the greatness of lebron. People wanna go and steal lebrons nickname. I SAY JAMES HARDEN IS A DIRTY PLAYER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Eric says:

    LBJ is the KING and will be reigning in years to come…
    JHarden is a head of small tribe.

  65. Josh says:

    King without a ring… ? xD hahaha.. naaaah… Lebron James is the king James ..

  66. dds330 says:

    james harden does NOT have the same accolades as lebron james to be the new KING ..houston will be eliminated 2nd round

  67. BasketballFan says:

    Lebron is way better than Harden in all categories. Harden is not at Lebron’s level yet. Maybe in the next couple seasons or maybe not.

  68. kirk says:

    lebron james is the weakest player ive ever seeen and he even cant defeat scalabrine one on one

  69. agir says:


  70. Mberwa Abdikadiri says:

    Harden is only looking good because players KD,Melo,and AD are injured. KD,Melo,Lebron,and kobe real kings of the NBA.


  72. jett says:

    Stannis is the one true king… of Westeros

  73. MP says:

    Manny Paquiao and KIA will win the final this year!

  74. Jamaal clarke says:

    I love James harden, and I’m not much of a Lebron fan but I watched that game and once Lebron started guarding harden, Houston was having a lot of trouble scoring and the Cavs came back. Houston barely eeked out that game, but I don’t think harden had much of an edge on Lebron.

  75. European says:

    I’ll quit NBA again (like I did when they disallowed hand checking) if no defense James wins the MVP title. Euroleague ftw, less skilled players trying hard at defensive end of the floor! Defense > 35 shot attempts to get 30 points.

  76. Curry is the real MVP! says:

    Curry is the real MVP!

  77. Baller says:

    King Steph should be the real king.

    All these other guys got no chance

    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph
    Long live King Steph