Oklahoma City Thunder introduce new alternate jerseys

VIDEO: New Thunder jerseys

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Oklahoma City Thunder have played it mostly safe when it comes to uniform designs, with white home uniforms, blue road uniforms, and then a navy blue alternate kit they would break out occasionally. But yesterday the Thunder introduced a new look they call their “pride” jerseys: White sleeved jerseys with the team’s logo on the chest, so you get a huge OKC on the front. I particularly like the shorts, with the orange and blue stripes criss-crossing.


  1. RydA says:

    Yeah looks like the Clippers baby pajamas…

  2. Russel WestBrick says:

    These jerseys are fresh…….

  3. GoMavs says:

    NBA jerseys are going way down! This is a perfect example. Sleves? Bah! This is the NBA! The All-Star jerseys this year? Back to the 1950’s! Not only are these jereys ugly, the players hate them. The NBA should ban them! If the biggest. best basketball league in the world can’t make good jerseys, then who can!?

  4. GoMavs says:

    I’m okay with those jerseys if they didn’t have the sleeves.

  5. sascha says:

    I think the sleeves are the best part of the uniform. The holes in the shirt make the shirt look a different white from the shorts. If you look at other sports there are so many exciting jerseys with different colors, stripes etc. Yet NBA sleeve jerseys are always one color with giant logo or name.

    The only alternate jersey I like is that of the T-wolves.

  6. 4pt Range says:

    Needs sleeves.

  7. Marcin says:

    Why do they promote these ugly shirts with sleeves?

  8. NBA Fan says:

    And again T-Shirts… PATHETIC for Basketball!

  9. Ronnie says:

    These are not great.

  10. jake s. says:

    They need to come out with an orange-centric alternate jersey… but I am Oklahoma State alum so I’m biased.

  11. layne young says:

    these jerseys are stupid and look like a warm up suit

  12. LovantheNBA says:


  13. Bruno says:

    Ugh Barf.
    Adidas leave the nba alone with your pitiful sleeves! They are always terrible. Clippers baby blue are the worst though. Damn.

  14. swingman says:

    I hate those shirt jerseys….its already bad enough their original jerseys look like highschool jerseys…these ones look like volleyball jerseys….totally lame!!!

  15. Warren says:

    Is it just me or do these look like soccer jerseys? All they are missing is adds…

  16. Marcus Simões says:

    Sleeves = Ugly

    But, this is the future… The basketball t-shirts will have sleeves to put the sponsors and partners…


  17. NorCal Warrior says:

    Boy! That is not true. No player has been quoted saying they don’t like them. Adidas spent 3 year developing them. The Warriors were the first to wear them and it took a second to get use to but they are cool. Actually cool. They are lighter weight than the regular jerseys despite having the short sleeves. And the short sleeve don’t restrict anything. It just boils down to the way the team designs them.

    These OKC ones are pretty weak. But if that logo and look was on the regular one it would not look any better.

  18. The world's voice says:

    Why does the nba continue to allow players to wear these ugly soccer jerseys to games?

  19. Nobody likes these sleeved jerseys. The NBA tried them in the 40s and did away with them, for good reason.

    I don’t like their dark blue alternates but here…these look like warmups.

  20. Warren Holt says:

    I don’t think anyone likes the sleeves. I know the league sees the sleeved jerseys as a source of revenue, but I hope they will give up soon. If a fan is low culture enough to go around wearing a jersey, sleeves or no sleeves probably doesn’t really matter.

  21. LithuaniaOkc_fan says:

    I like the desing but those sleeve just is ugly. Okc could have new uniforms liek this just no sleeve and insteed of the logo it could be team name and the town( like the most team except new orlens who have just town name)

  22. Seriously? says:

    Those sleeved ”jerseys” look like what players from 60-70s era would wear going to bed. I wouldnt wear one outside if i was paid the price of such jersey, leave alone buying one like that. Seriously NBA has no clue. Why would people everywhere around the world would just start buying NBA jerseys because they are with sleeves now????? NBA was not popular before and when it became popular (clothign wise) was when Jordan introduced long shorts. I swear if you want to generate stupid ideas to make money, let people wear juvelry during games or at least on the bench 😀
    Or make players wear NBA issued gear and then sell the place on it as advertising. But come on, sleeved jerseys? even players said they dont even like them, especially if you can feel the jersey during your shot. Nobody wins with them.

  23. Self Proclaimed Hater says:

    Ugly as sin. Get rid of sleeves!!!

    OKC jerseys should be simple – White for home as they have. Blue for away as they have (just change Oklahoma City to Thunder – it looks better). The alternate should be orange.

    But again… ban sleeves from NBA jerseys. They are offensive!

  24. jershate says:

    nice ! sleeves. i have to vomit now

  25. jershate says:

    seriously? “Why would people everywhere around the world would just start buying NBA jerseys because they are with sleeves now”

    because they have skinny little arms i guess

  26. L.A says:

    The sleeves are much much looser, so players can maneuver their arms better while playing. You guys just hate seeing changes. It’s about time if you ask me !

  27. Zibo says:

    Please, please, please, please stop this madness about sleeved shirts.
    They’re disgusting, unconfortable, anti-basketball, and a HUGE variety of fans all around the world DO agree with this. Personally I do not know a single person who appreciates them.
    This time your try to build up a branch of business out of nowhere has failed.
    LeBron was a nice move, not this one. Live up with it and STOP givin’ us this. Really.
    You’re interfering with our eyesight, it’s cruel and cinical and evil. Give it up now.