It’s never sunny in Philadelphia

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a frigid winter the last few months here in the Northeast — snow, sleet, and frigid temperatures. I’m in New York City, and it’s been so rough that I’ve tried my best to stay indoors as much as possible, sitting here blogging in front of the heater.

But apparently there are some places where even being inside doesn’t help. The Philadelphia 76ers play in the Wells Fargo Center, and from the looks of things, it’s cold in that arena.

Last week, the Indiana Pacers had a shootaround in Philly where they were, apparently, freezing…

Then, last night, it was apparently cold enough that even while sitting on the bench, Toronto’s Patrick Patterson had to break out the gloves…

Someone needs to invite the Heat to town…


  1. Balldon'tlie says:

    philadelphia is the joke of the league. Their new mascot should be a tank. Fans should boycott the games.

  2. Mark says:

    @Balldon’tlie I’m a fan and I still go to games. We’re fun to watch, have young players and picks with potential, and have more wins than the Knicks so…I’m not complaining.

    • Ferris says:

      From the UK, I totally enjoy finding time to watch philly play, the young guys run hard, athleticism is always entertaining. They’ll get there soon bro.