Kevin Durant did not take Serge Ibaka’s water

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — So there was Kevin Durant, standing there after an Oklahoma City Thunder practice, chatting nicely with the media, when all of a sudden Serge Ibaka wants to know if Kevin Durant took his water. It’s a valid question, I suppose, although Durant doesn’t really have the answer. Keep searching, Serge.


  1. Serge Ibaka says:


  2. Dawn of Da 2nd Bulls Dynasty says:

    Will someone, PLEASE!!… give this man some water… please!

  3. pacer schrotberger says:

    leav the guy alone he did not take the water ok just be positive

  4. harriethehawk says:

    I guarantee you that Serge Ibaka got punched right after this interview. Don’t take Kevin Durant’s kindness for weakness. lol

  5. James William says:


    See what I have to deal with!!!
    I don’t have your water, Serge!..

  6. Pat thompson says:

    That’s my boys

  7. heir says:

    This was why LBJ never took his comment offensive the last he word LBJ. KD you see what i had to go through everyday ! “I didn’t take your water” ROTFL