Chris Paul wants DeAndre Jordan to shoot

VIDEO: Jordan dunk

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the score tied, the Clippers had the final shot last night, and a chance to beat the Portland Trail Blazers in regulation. Chris Paul missed a shot, and the ball fell to DeAndre Jordan, standing under the basket, and Jordan… didn’t shoot?

I think what happened was Jordan heard the buzzer and thought the game was over. Only it was the shot clock buzzer instead. Either way, Jordan didn’t get a shot off. (And the worst thing? The Clips ended up losing in overtime.)

But it wasn’t for a lack of trying from Chris Paul. Check out Paul here in slow motion doing his best to urge Jordan to shoot…



  1. Jorge says:

    The best thing of this play was that Chris Paul was actually trying to reach for the ball at the end of his tantrum, but DeAndre was too tall and he just couldn’t reach up there.

    In all seriousness, the play that changed this game was lauded as the smart play by the commentators and was not a play with ball moving, when Doc took DeAndre out with 2:43 left in the 4th, it invalidated all the support and trust Doc has expressed for DeAndre in the past, the Clippers defense fell apart because suddenly the Blazers could play in the paint. You could see it DeAndre’s body language, he was taken out of the zone because Doc couldn’t trust in his team’s defense.

  2. Rockets Man says:

    Maybe Deandre was scared because he had monster big man Lillard on him. Probably would of got blocked anyway. At least it didn’t cost your team the game!

  3. SHAQTINMVP says:

    this is an ultimate shaqtin moment.
    congrats to lillard for the mini slap in paul ‘s face hahaha. like boing, boinnng, boinnng, minislap

  4. blazer003 says:

    A couple things that threw Jordan off. First, the clock didn’t start until about 0.5 after Paul got the ball, so it seemed like the clock should be lower. Also unless DeAndre had tried to tip the ball in he wouldn’t have had enough time to get a shot off anyway as the clock stopped at 0.7 but would have been at probably 0.3 or so before he touched it. So, he could have probably gotten a quick tip if he was thinking, but I don’t think it’s as a huge a mistake as Paul and others are making it out to be. Paul should’ve hit that lay in, but I’ll take the win tonight! Go BLAZERS!

  5. Swagerty Walrus says:

    $10000000000000000000000000 says that’s gonna be on Shaqtin’ a Fool 😀

  6. Joseph says:

    Your trying to tell me that its just a coincidence that the game went under by one basket..the fix was in.. Just like every nba has nothing to do with the game.. It’s all about the Vegas action..the nba is crooked..and always will be..refs and players should all be investigated..there would be scandals uncovered left and right. Scam sport

  7. jershate says:

    joseph, the nba is like wwf wrestling, it”s a show, travestite as a sport, and they CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. it’s not a competition, this is written black on white. it’s a tv show. understand that.

  8. Rosa says:

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  9. Bartholomew says:

    This is absolutely hilarious.

  10. Nuno says:

    Wait… is that CP3 or Kevin Hart? lol