Jimmy Butler pledges $10,000 to school if kid can hit one-handed three-pointer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler is out for a few more weeks while he waits for a sprained left elbow to heal. But instead of just sitting around, Butler is using his down time to make a difference in and around Chicago. Yesterday, Butler paid a visit to the Chicago-area Phoenix Military Academy to increase awareness of eating a healthy breakfast. He ended up leaving $20,000 lighter.

According to the school’s website

Butler wagered that for every junior who made a free throw shot he would donate $50 towards the school. The class came up with a total of $550. Soon after that he then went on to say that if he made a 3 point shot with one hand he would donate $10,000 to the school. He made the shot easily and then challenged junior Jabaree White to do the same for another $10,000. Butler offered to gave White 3 tries to make the shot but he nailed it in one which got the class real whipped up and screaming in joy.

“I feel like I contributed to the school” after making the two three point shots and one free throw,” said White.

The junior class raised a whopping $20,000 from Butler, which was a generous donation. Jimmy Butler also accepted an invitation to become an “Honorary Firebird” and to wear the Phoenix PT uniform at Bulls Practice at least once.

Here’s video of the event — first Butler’s three, then Jabaree’s big shot…

VIDEO: Butler three

(via BDL)


  1. Awesome sauce Jimmy Buckets.

  2. Brian says:

    Events like this are great to see and I am glad they are being shared. The more we know about athletes and the good they do for communities… the better for the fans. NBA Cares has plenty of these videos but most of the time they are on a grander scale and professionally produced. The amount of resources that are likely used on the NBA Cares videos are enough to possibly double the donation/gift that was being given. Now, if the production folks are working for free when they shoot NBA Cares videos….my opinion would be different. Jimmy’s Butler’s video here…is raw and cheaply made….a student’s phone and enthusiasm…which the fans can relate to better than a paid voice over and a HD production.

    Side note: The video doesn’t show Jimmy Butler’s one-handed three as described …just Jabaree’s shots. Must more exciting to watch Jabaree in this video anyway.

  3. Erik says:

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  4. Swagerty Walrus says:

    10,000,000 kudos to Jimmy Butler for not sitting around and moping about being out and doing something awesome in his community and using his money to help other people than himself. Go Jimmy!