Shaqtin’ A Fool: Volume 4, Episode 18

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ A Fool

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  1. slamandjam says:


  2. Kakaya says:

    Where is DeAndre Jordan?
    If he being the second, no other would be first!!

    • Jaden says:

      Seriously!!! The only reason why there was time left was because the clock stopped for no reason. If the clock kept running there would be no time for a put back. Just stop it, with the deandre nonsense.

  3. Nore says:

    Well I took Otto Porter but in general everybody deserved the vote 😀

  4. Fons says:

    Couldn’t choose between Alexey and Otto. Both are genius!!

  5. eddy b says:

    One of the best Shaqtin the fool episode ever. I don’t who’s to vote between Shved and Porter?

  6. Kman says:

    The funniest thing I’ve seen in a very long time, literally laughed out loud…

  7. LMAO says:

    OMG FUnniest shiz ever next to gavale macgee

  8. Edu says:

    A very good one!!! even though Jordan’s no-dunk cannot be out of the list!!

  9. zane says:

    Deandre Jordan?!?!!

  10. Kubsiol says:

    I think Otto noticed the run just because Gortat yelled at him 🙂 look closely 😀 wonder how long he would have stood there if not MG13

  11. Vrzymlask says:

    Where is DJs game winner? or will it be next time?

  12. CashMoney says:

    Excellent list. DeAndre doesnt belong here. Even if he had dunked it wouldn’t have counted.

  13. toronto says:

    Actually y’all the Raptors lost to the Knicks by 5 the night Demar blew the 360 dunk.

  14. koskie says:

    lol deandre jordan is the best center why first second lefth them
    javale magee is the king of thr bloopers:)

  15. Mag says:

    This show is so stupid…

  16. GameTester says:

    I’m calling it now, OttoPilot wins the shaqtin’ a fool of the season !

  17. Christine Legaspi says:

    This is so funny 🙂

  18. LDN says:

    Best Shaqtin ever, so funny!!

  19. bob says:

    can someone explain to me why porter was funny

  20. g3dogs says:

    so funny. keep up the good work guys!

  21. eric says:

    Im a wizards fan, but its clear to me without even watching any of the other videos that play by Otto had to be the most boneheaded play I’ve seen in a while. Straight up stupid!!

  22. Zocom7 says:

    Alexey Shved may be going to ESPN’s new “Worst of The Worst” as the worst shot ever over the backboard. But the funniest play in this episode is that Otto Potter’s defense is far worse than James Harden!

  23. grabus says:

    Where is Jaaaaaaaaaavale Mcgeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!

  24. Dawid says:

    Otto was the best…he’s the of all shaqtin a’fool!!!

  25. Medoza Jimenez Valderama Hernandez says:

    Otto porter for president.

  26. Vitekdude says:

    Actually that was good anticipation by Tony Snell (Bulls #20), he saw Porter was switching his eyesight to ball and back to him, so when he saw that Otto was looking at the ball, he ran to get open.

  27. themadnader says:

    C’mon, Shved, Asik, and Hinrich just made bad mistakes while actually trying to execute legit basketball plays. Otto got caught napping so that’s worth a look, but my vote goes to DeMar DeRozan – if you’re gonna try and showboat with a 360 dunk like that you better pull it off. That was a weak effort and seriously foolish to not just get the easy bucket.

  28. pejta says:

    Where is DeAndre Jordan!!!????

  29. shaqtinawhat? says:

    One of the best indeed. Took me a lot of time thinking who deserves my vote. Can’t wait to see more Otto-Piloting from Porter tho.

  30. Diouf says:

    Can somebody tell me why Snell( #20 bulls) is going out of the paint ?????? LOL
    Otto Porter defensive player of the year
    Snell MVP !!!!!

  31. Da Celtics boi says:

    I wanted to pick Otto Porter Jr., Alexy Shved and Kirk Hinrich for my vote

  32. dustydreamnz says:

    Best for a while.

  33. CJ says:

    Javale Mggee – Shaqtin a Fool’s MVP (Most Vulnerable Player)
    Kendrick Perkins – Shaqtin a Fool’s 6th/Sucks Man
    Otto Porter – Shaqtin a Fool’s Rookie of the year

  34. Omar says:

    well, Otto is the best of the best…of all time…Mannnnnnnnnn

  35. Best shaqtin this season definitely

  36. Eric says:

    John Wall should have been on there instead of Derozen, Wall missed back to back break away layups against the sixers,

  37. Leilani says:

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  38. Knicksfan says:

    Get it right! The knicks won both of those games! I know, hard to believe, still true!

  39. Jan says:

    You guys never played in these googles, Porter could not see the angles…

  40. Narf says:

    The Demar one is annoying…Barkley and the Jet were wrong in video…the Raptors lost that game…likely because of this stupid missed dunke

  41. colby says:

    I am so happy my team the rockets got rid of Alexey Shved or Kevin McHale would cut him off the team with a move like that

  42. GSG says:

    No, man~No DeAndre?

  43. Dagny says:

    Deandre Jordan didn’t make the list because shaq will always hate Portland and he was hoping to see Clippers win.

  44. Rammy G says:

    I think Hinrich and Porter tie for this weeks Shaqtin’ a Fool nominees

  45. Jayz says:

    Otto porter rocks!!!! Hahah

  46. Man of Steele says:

    Otto was hilarious but the best Shaqtin’ a Fool moment of all time still goes to the Bulls trying to run an inbound play with no one inbounding the ball.

  47. ??? says:

    Was that an Ottomantic defensive 3 seconds?

  48. Diabolic29 says:

    Great episode this week! I laughed hard watching this one!!!

  49. Evgeni says:

    Well we see so much travel from LeBron, Harden… Pls, someone count them down 🙂

  50. Mavsletsgo says:

    how is omer asik number 1 in the video that wasnt even funny ottor porter shouldve been first that was hilarious

  51. Roman says:

    I’ll miss JaVale McGEEEEEEE

  52. Scisca says:

    I love how Gortat has to shout “Otto!” to wake him up 🙂 Legendary

  53. Kris says:

    This has been the best Shaqtin episode by far!

  54. louiebanaga says:

    Loved how they laughed at Otto Porter 🙂 one of the best IMO. Hilarious.

  55. MackDaddy says:

    Gortat saved him from even further pain… I wonder how long Otto would have stood there without the heads up from Gortat?

  56. TP9 says:

    otto porter u da real MVP

  57. keith9 says:

    When your controller dies on 2k (Wizards)

  58. z says:

    Shaq blew this one, you have to put in D Jordan holding the ball at end of clipper game with Chris Paul in slow motion yelling at him to shoot

  59. v_exel says:

    Lebron has made worse steps than Asik and nobody bat an eye…

  60. PINOY says:

    what about justin melton in the philippines dunk contest?

  61. namık badur says:

    Popovich to Omer Asık ; Everbody is pointguard. ( I am from Turkey)

  62. Step says:

    This is the best I believe in Shaqtin A Fool yet. Otto Porter was tops foe me. Very funny!!!!

  63. "Smart" NBA fan says:

    otto this otto that…….where the hell is javalleeeeeeeeeeeeee mcgee? my boy