Don’t bump Draymond Green

VIDEO: Green bump

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Clippers and the Warriors have been feuding for a while, and now we’re at the point where I think the players are actively looking for something to get fired up about.

Take Draymond Green. At the end of yesterday’s Warriors win over the Clippers, Green was being interviewed by ABC’s Lisa Salters when Clippers forward Dahntay Jones strolled past and delivered a bump to Green. It wasn’t much of a collision, but it was enough to get under Green’s skin.

Following the game, Green said, “I think he wanted a reaction from me, but he don’t play, so, you know, me getting suspended and him getting suspended, it’s different. You know, when you don’t play, that’s probably his role on that team.”

Check the moment when Green gets bumped. He’s like, wait, is this happening?


  1. NorCal Warrior says:

    What a buster. Clippers have to resort to that? Why don’t you just play solid ball instead of having to resort to that and flopping

  2. ism says:

    Hello Dahntay, meet Lance.
    Hello Clippers, meet the 2013-14 Pacers.

  3. jonjoe1959 says:

    The Clippers should be fined as well. Also, the Clippers should suspend D.Jones in addition to the NBA punishment .

  4. jonjoe1959 says:

    Lang Whitaker, What, ” …I think the players are actively looking for something to get fired up about.”? Why Lang, you’ve missed the point entirely because you’ve No-Love & No-Respect, you just want a paycheck from at the exspense of the NBA- players. The Clippers should be fined as well. Also, the Clippers should suspend D. Jones in addition to the NBA punishment. The last thing that the NBA wants is to be like of pro-hockey-NHL?

    • ism says:

      Relax, John. If there is anyone here who is missing the point entirely, it is you. Lang Whitaker did not express an opinion like you implied. He just merely described what happened, so take a breath.

  5. bob smith says:

    I’ve seen so many people saying how this shouldn’t be a big deal because he hardly brushed him, but the point is that he bumped him for no reason. If you were walking down a wide open sidewalk and someone bumped you like that for no reason wouldn’t you also be like “wtf was that about?” It’s the same thing here since he’s got so much court to walk on but chooses to walk into green anyways

  6. Mikey!!! says:

    dahntay jones’ 2014-2015 paycheck GONE

  7. It was no big deal unless you take into account the context in which it occurred. It was a nationally televised game on ABC on a Sunday afternoon. I’m sure the commissioner expects that all interviews are to be conducted free of any interference…much less a bump that is then met by D.Jones’ reaction of a less-than-apologetic look of “…whutchu gon’ do homie?’ I thnk D. Green showed restraint there as he understood that he was being interviewed and represented the NBA product at that time. That is mainly why D. Jones was fined. That stated, I can’t wait to see these two teams go at it again full-strength. The Clippers don’t want any parts of this. They think they do….but, they can’t hang.

  8. beast says:

    I really don’t know why the fined Dahntay. That boy on a ten day contract and it wasn’t even a punch or kick or anything it was a bump if you can even call it that, smh

  9. sgbball says:

    nice, bring back memories of the good o’days of balling, players nowadays are plain soft, can’t blame them though ,too much rules and regulations restricting them, really hope the officials changed the rules about techs soon.
    i blamed the 80s pistons for the changes though, haha